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Hosting a Friend for a few days


I have a friends whos web site needs hosted untill he sorts his hosting out. I know I can host him on my account at FriHost but I don't want to give him (or anyone else) the upload passwords. Can I give his site its own username and password and host it here. He is setting up an account with a provider but got the wrong account type and I am sorting it all out. May take a week..

Cheer Possum..
In order for us to give him his own username/password/control panel section, we would need to set up a new account for him on the server. The only way this can happen is if the user himself posts on the Frihost forum as per the requirements.

I'm afraid that you couldn't give him part of your hosting account to use either because this would count as re-selling our hosting, and this is strictly forbidden by the Terms of Service. My best advice is either tell him to wait a week, or alternatively, get him to open a Frihost account and host the site here.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.
Its my fault .. I need to read the rules and FAQ

All the best Possum
I've just discussed this with Bondings.
Hosting your friend will not count as reselling.
So, you are free to host your friend's website. However, we cannot make a new username and password for him, like Animal said.
You could, instead, just give him an FTP account.

Secondly, remember that any and all actions carried out on your hosting space are purely your responsibility. So, if your friend's website has something against the Frihost TOS, you may end up losing your hosting as well.

Best of luck. Hope your friend gets his "professional" hosting sorted soon Smile
I have decided not to host him. Heck the only reason hes in all this troble with no hosting is that he never listen to me in the first place. lol...

But I do appreciate your help and effort for me..

Cheers Possum..
At least redirect him to FriHost Wink
New members are always appreciated Smile
I do tell other people about FriHost.. There is a learning curb to understand the value of FriHost. But belive me I do spread the word.

I still have to pinch myself when I use FriHost.. Its this service real. YES it is..
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