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New website

I`ve made a new website called webdir. Its a web directory and my country is Romania.
The website is in english language but I don`t know other ways to promovate the website. Can you post some tehniques?
Why not try joining the Digital Point Forums and make a post about it in the Solicitations and Announcements section. You can then register with DirectoryCritic and have your link directory opened up to reviews from users. I get a lot of the traffic to my links directory from both Digital Point and DirectoryCritic.

The next step is to try and get as many link-backs to your directory as possible and try to increase your pagerank - higher pagerank directories are the most popular to those submitting sites because they have a better effect on pagerank. Why not submit your link directory to some of the directories listed on DirectoryCritic?
Using pay-per-click (PPC) search engines is an ideal way to promote new site.

You can either add more keywords to a current PPC campaign, driving visitors to your new pages, or you can start a new PPC campaign.

Either way, you should have traffic visiting your new content in a matter of days (or immediately, if you use Google AdWords).

These are the most popular pay-per-click search engines:
- Google Adwords
- Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly Overture)
- MSN Adcenter
Tell friends, family and others who are in your address book. Make your email personal, and friendly, and just talk about how your site now benefits or involves them.
I have the same problem as you,there are few people browse my website every day.
just have a question about your site

do you guys have your index submitted to google and yahoo??
Also so you have many links pointing to other sites or their links pointing to you.
Another user i saw reccomended that you make sure you have a table of contents page with all your site pages pointing to it as it will rank higher and get found more of google.

hope some of this helps
Are you making money with your website?
if so it is worth to promote your site.If you make it for fun,you needn't to promote it on purpose.All you should do is keep it active and renew it usually. You can submit your website to Google and Yahoo,that will increase traffic of your site.
01. Post your site in Link exchange sections in forums and get as many as incoming links

02. use your web directory in every signature of forums you are in

03. Post your Web Directory in link exchnage or link development sections and ask members to submit their sites

04. Do some promotions like free featured links giving
simple answer i think Very Happy

if your directory is free directory, register it at
as addition,
u can also submit your sites to my directory, its FREE.

last, i use it also FREE.
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