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Ar Tonelico

It hasn't gotten very much praise in the states, but it's really a game that people should take another look at.

On the outside, yes, the PS2 game doesn't look all that shiny. However, that's a built in aspect, specifically to appeal as a retro RPG. The game has 3D sprite based characters on 2D back grounds.

In my opinion, RPG's have always had a format that was very geared towards story telling. Ar Tonelico has a good story built in.

If one looks past graphics, you'll find good music, a good story, and an ample amount of playtime.

There are also some unique aspects to this game. The battles are a bit on the easy side, but I found the story so intriguing that it helped me accept that.

Is a whole it's simply a fun game.

As an added note. This game is huge in Japan right now. The Japanese love all things cute and this definitely doesn't exclude Otaku. Personally I'm not finding the whole dating sim element all that great, but it does help with the story and to make the characters dynamic and 3 dimensional so you can care about them more.

If you've never heard of this game, it's worth a try. If you've seen it a passed, I say go back and give it a second chance. I think the deep involving story will suck a lot of people in.
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