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Getting your company known

How do you go about doing this? How did Alienware become the number 1 seller of gaming computers? How come certain forums are so popular while similar ones are not? How do you get your business or company big and known?
Have to know how to market and advertise your product.
just give advertise on google....adwords is the best thing to do.....

you can use any other advertise media.....just go slowly....first make your product perfect...then forget about it and use all your force on marketing...but not until you have a foolproof product....use simple srategy....and tell everyone about above cool , unknown to everyone , everyone...after you tell good words to everyone...add the last like like this one : "" After all said and done , there is no alternative of hard work"" , Razz
start with a big network. Start your company when you have experiences and connections in the field. The one you've been working for might be interesting in what you have to offer.
Most companies use a technique i like to call spider-ing. First they branch out locally with a good marketable product seeking buyers. Then they get affiliated with they're suppliers like alienware and the companies that provide them with parts. Local advertising always comes first unless you can jump mainstream advertising in your state within a month. It helps to build some capital before launching large radio and tv campaigns. Also you got to be able to take defeat and try try again. Also its good to make good relations with clients in order to get referrals and get your company out by word of mouth.

I did almost the same thing with my web design company Defection Design Studios. I started doing stuff for people on Frihost for free and built my reputation as a competent designer. When I felt I could market my skills I started charging money getting referrals and link backs from my clients. Recently I've been reaching out to small companies who are interested in new look for their websites. My Comp Tech teacher got me my first real job for a small company looking to sell their products online. From that job I was contacted about two new jobs which I am currently working on and I have had other requests as well. I wont be making my company into a big firm but I will definetely provide services to anyone in the area who needs them as its a great source of extra income.
You have to start local, or small for internet based companies. Then slowly expand as word of mouth goes around. DONT advertise on google. i would say that that is the least effective way to advertise
those are all good ideas...i think u do need to start local. have a solid product that u know people will like. come up with something unique about it and run with that. do really weird marketing gimmicks and make u stand out...advertise in newspapers and magazines first...and definitely go online and create a graphics/web designers the money to do the right stations are great...after u have an online strength...then u can ad on google and other things....
first you must have good product
which of great use or attribute
or ppl all know the company
but forget soon
or regard it as a poor company
do some ads on paper magzines、the net such as google ads
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