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Delphi IDE by CodeGear for PHP coding !!!

Wow! I am going to keep an eye on this news: Delphi® for PHP

I don't know if anybody is familiar with the ease and features of Delphi IDE's for pascal, C#, or J++, but they kick serious butt! The features will allow you to program with PHP5 objects using code completion and smart class completion.... The Delphi RAD tool will also allow you to debug code and fix syntax errors before uploading.

I've programmed with previous incarnations of the Delphi environment and I am looking forward with great anticipation to the union of my new programming language (php) with my old editor environment.

I am not familiar with any of the Zend tools, but I am pretty sure that the Delphi IDE will be a really great tool. Does anybody have feedback on other PHP IDE editors (that debug, etc)?

The trial BETA or whatever for the Delphi IDE hasn't been released (to the best of my knowledge), but I'd gladly be one of the first beta-testers.
I use jEdit to code PHP, but I only use its syntax checker - no real debugging going on.

You might be interested in this though:

How to debug PHP with Firebug

I came across it the other day and posted about it on my Docunext Tech Stuff blog. Haven't tried it yet but am eager to do so.
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