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Ebay Alternatives?

I really like buying things on ebay, it has a huge market and some quite hard to find items.

I really hate selling on ebay, the charges rip into your profit and seem to charged at random intervals and the cutsomer support is AWFUL.

So the real point of this thread is, are there any good (UK in my case) Alternatives to Ebay? Its seems to have taken the market almost totaly to itself, but shurley there is some compotion out there?
I have bought three things off ebay.

They all broke.
Yahoo! used to have an auctions section, but I think it's gone by now. There's also something like or similar, but none of them come even close to having the sheer number of goods of eBay. Fact is, it simply IS the market leader & there's no viable alternative.
Captain Fertile
Sadly when you buy you want the biggest choice of product and when you sell you want the biggest customer base - eBay undoubtedly offers both and much more than their nearest rival - whoever they may be???

Alternitives, as a quite experienced I UK Ebay buyer/seller (100% positve feedback of 200+) I could find none worth bothering with.

The only real alternitive for buying and seling are the wonderful car-boot sales the carboot sale season generally starts around easter so should be starting soon - HOORAY!

Dont dismiss these as a money spinner, they are a lot of fun, none of those crippeling postage costs, they cost very little for a pitch and you can even pick up a decent tan!!! Oh and you don't get whinging customers emailing you later saying that they shouldn't have paid you 100 for that breadbin and blakmailing you into a partial refund through negative feedback!

I love a good old carboot, it's such a great way to buy and sell bargains...

I dont know of any other alternative to ebay sorry. I think anyone coming in this market now would have a very hard time trying to compete...
There is no Ebay alternative. Ebay dominates, all the other auction sites are no good. I buy and sell on ebay constantly, it's bomb.
Shucks, 'tis as I thought, their way or the high way.

As for carboots, I used to goto them as a kid and really loved em, but don't you have to get up at like 5am to setup a pitch?
Dwyer17 wrote:
There is no Ebay alternative. Ebay dominates, all the other auction sites are no good. I buy and sell on ebay constantly, it's bomb.

I think that eBay dominates simply because people only go to eBay. Although I'm sure there are alternatives in the UK and other countries they'll be so rarely used that you're likely to make less proffit (or just sell for lower prices), however you might be able to buy for lower prices as there will be fewer possible bidders. Unfortunately, there will be very limited choice on what you can buy simply because there will be less users.

I think eBay has had an extremely successful advertising campaign which has allowed them to dominate. Often when a good new idea appears on the internet people are quick to produce copies and try and get in on the action. But eBay has seemingly managed to hold back the rival companies, which must have sprung up. They should be very proud of that; the thing is that now they're pretty much the only online auction site worth using (in the countries in which it is available). Therefore they have less need to strive to improve their services. Which is a big negative, I hope they listen to their customers views and really try to improve their services as best as they can.

Personally, I don't use eBay so I don't know too much about it - thus I speak from a neutral viewpoint here.
Blaster is a great alterative to ebay. I personaly haven't sold or bought anything but i browse it a lot. So try them
Well there really isn't an eBay alternative. There are other auction sites but none are as good as eBay. Its best just to find online stores that sell things a little cheaper than usual prices.
Blaster wrote: is a great alterative to ebay. I personaly haven't sold or bought anything but i browse it a lot. So try them

I just tried some obscure searches on both eBay and uBid and guess what? eBay came out on top, uBit has far few users and, henceforth, far less to buy and less chance of selling for high prices. However, it does look good and has potential. There are numerous items on there up for bidding but I must say it's nothing in comparison to eBay. Maybe it would be a good idea to have an account on both and search both websites before buying an item, just don't put the same item up for auction on both websites.

Another alternative.
truespeed wrote:

This looks better than uBid; I tried the same searches again and it did pull up some results for the obscure searches. Unfortunately, they were less relevant and less numerous than on eBay.

All in all I think this could be relatively good, if we take eBay out of the picture for a second then I would expect it to be one of the best around.
Some of those ebay alternatives are SO dodgy and also poorly programmed (both usability and securitywise).
Blaster wrote: is a great alterative to ebay. I personaly haven't sold or bought anything but i browse it a lot. So try them

I have ordered jewelry off from Ubid a couple times, both times the jewelry was not as described. Description claimed the item was diamonds, I used my diamond tester on them and they were not. I have a hard time trusting them for anything.
I *bought* something off EBay last July....still waiting on delivery.

hmm, I really should email them ...again
I persoanlly attempted to buy a book off ebay, and was out bidded at the last moment....I have not been back since

I would love to see some (real) competition to (what I consider) a monopoly on online auctions.
I don't really think there is any major alternative to ebay, all the other suction sites I have tried don't nearly have as much stuff being auctioned than on ebay, so it doesn't look like theres a lot of choice for you if you want to actually sell anything.
The only other option I can see is a car boot sale.
Yea, I agree mostly with the other posts however, there are a few specialty auction sites, like guns, outdoor items, military items, and several other specialty things. Some of these specialty sites are very successful. Depending on what your selling you might be successful with selling your items elsewhere but chances are not.
i bought a cell phone from there and made a cheque and sent to the given address but after one week or so i received the cheque back. when i mailed him about it, if paid he dont want to sell it anymore then left a negative feedback to me. i tried to contact with ebay but they just said some shit and asked me to send the docs. it was the end of it. i just hate the idea now
Sweden has some specialy for Sweden so if you live in sweden you could use Tradera or Blocket.
At least in Europe, there is an "Amazon Marketplace"... It's kinda like eBay, but more expensive.
I don't buy too much things at eBay or the Marketplace anyway...
Amazon is a good place to buy stuff that usually doesn't break. I dont think they do auctions though.

You could also try although I've never used them myself.

Generally I find now that it's cheaper to buy from online stores than through internet auctions. If you shop around then you'll find better bargains than you would on eBay.

For selling, there's the Amazon marketplace, but I'm not sure what their requirements are for setting up through them.
I have bought three things off ebay.

They all broke.
You need to be careful what you buy though - there's many tactics. Like the user's feedback, for example. Even if they have 98% positive feedback, read what the negative feedback was.

Ebay has bought out most of the other popular e-auction stores - can't remember the names though.

I haven't but anything from the ebay yet so I can't tell if the items being auctioned okay. lets not make it in general. Maybe there are people who has bad attitude who sells their broken stuffs. Also lets consider the good people.

I don't think there's another website that has a market of what ebay has.
ebay has reached a critical mass so that it just keeps growing. It's very well known so people go there automatically when they want to buy something. SO, if you want to sell then ebay is your best place. One day it will get too big and its costs will be so high that another company will be able to undercut sufficiently for people to buy and sell more and more there. This may take a year or it may take ten years but it will undoubtedly happen. Look at pretty much any Internet company from ten years ago. For example, no one could compete for Alta Vista for searching, but then Google came along.
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