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Halo 2 and Gears of War baby!

Oh yeah guys. I'm a halo 2 and Gears of War nerd. I am like, the best ever at halo 2........... not! I am good though. I got a 37 on xbox live then my account expired and I bought Gears of War. But my tactics for Halo 2 is....... KILL KILL KILL. With a sniper that is. Yeah, a sniper. That is like everyones favorite weapon. But I'm like the best on Earth with it.

Gears of War. I have started playing this. My xbox live account expired and I loved this game so much I went and purchased another 12 month. I LOVE THIS GAME. Better than Halo. The funniest part of the game is at the Multi Player level "rooftops". There is a window that if you throw a smoke grenade in, you can see the outline of a guy going number 2 lol. You can shoot him too. Blood squirts out lol.

Anybody else play those two games?
I've played a bit of both... I went through both in Campaign mode with my husband, it was an interesting time... considering he would often end up yelling at my inadequacy. ^^ but it was great. I actually liked going through Gears a lot more than Halo 2. I thought that the cover system worked really well, and the blindshooting was a good way to keep myself alive, as compared to Halo where you kinda just end up dead. The story was also more engrossing than Halo, I mostly got bored of the story in Halo about halfway through it. But I've only played the multiplayer in Halo, and that rocked, even though I ended up dead. Still, I do agree that both games are awesome.
I haven't been able to play Gears yet. I don't care for Third Person Shooters very much. Halo2 is awesome and the online is great. Playing online can be annoying when you happen to find that annoying 12 year old who found out to get on his dad's X-Box live account.
boycott XBOX & Microsoft imo ;p

Halo 2 is so poor & unfunny
but GoW (ut2004 alias for xbox) is very impressive
seems to be the best at this time
So Halo2 is suppose to be rich and funny? Hex the story I think it 's just fun as hell.
i have played both. halo 2's story justl ost me in halfway through, while gears of war was absolutely interesting. i cleared the campaign with my brother
joy to the world, RAAM is dead, we barbequed his head!
we started with the Tripoka(machine gun that was standing behind him that we put to good use), and stuffed it in his face,AH
and round after round went, in, and round after round went in, and round, after round, and round went in.
we continued with his...*

sorry, where were we? oh right. halo 2 was totally unrealistic, as bunny-hopping, are rushing the enemy was enough to survive. gears of war you have to take cover. unless you wanted to be ridded full of holes.

i feel sniper rifles in all games are too uber. gears try to even this out by making it only hold one round at a time.

also, gears has too little vehicles. the only one you actually drive is the Junker, and thats only for a short period. in fairness to gears, its levels are shorter, not as large as halo 3, which would take years to travel without vehicles.

and btw, why are we talking about xbox games on the anime thread?
Yeah Halo 2 is nice, but isn't this the wrong section?
Moved to games and closed. Other threads exist for both games.

For Halo 2 -

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