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Pakistan Coach Bob Woolmer Dead - Natural or Mysterious?

The death of Pakistan's coach Bob Woolmer sure looks suspicious. Just after Pakistan's stunning defeat against Ireland, he was found in his hotel room, with blood marks, vomit etc. Police say that they don't rule out murder and even the autopsy results, still inconclusive are making them look at this possibility.

Some say Woolmer was killed by Pakistan Bookies. Others say Woolmer was killed as he was going to write a tell all book about Pakistani players connection with match fixing. Do you guys think that this will remain an unsolved mystery?

Pakistani's have always been a rogue bunch. And their cricketers have now proved it correct.
I think the corruption in top-level sports (gambling/match-fixing etc), particularly in countries such as Pakistan, make it inevitable that people will doubt the "innocence" of Woolmer's death.
I just hope that for the sport's sake (& obviously his family), it's found to be natural causes.
Corruption is everywhere. In fact the ugly side of Match fixing reared it's head in South Africa which resulted in the untimely death of Hansie Cronje. Some people even think that Hansie's death was mysterious.

I guess it's high time something really really serious needs to be done on match fixing and bookies. There is a danger of the sport itself dying and people losing interest once they believe that all the matches are fixed.
In case there is still any question regarding the facts surrounding his death....
Well, whatever the causes of his death - it sure is a sad one. His widow lives a few km's away from us and the media has been swarming all over the house.

He coached the south african for quite a while and they all loved his coaching style.
Its been confirmed he was murdered,strangled to death,apparently there was no forced entry to his room,so its likely it was someone he either knew,or someone he felt was legit,they havent ruled out the possibility of there being more than one person involved as there were no apparent signs of a struggle.
it's all very, very depressing.
I love sport in general, but football & cricket in particular.
It breaks my heart that so many leeches get involved and rape these sports by involving money in them so much....players, agents, betting people...all being FAR too greedy an spoiling people's love for, what are after all, only games.

Sad days, these.
Crying or Very sad
I just hope they get someone. Have you read this


Mark Shields, the deputy commissioner of Jamaican police, said he had to allow the Pakistan team to leave Jamaica in order to avoid a diplomatic incident in the aftermath of Bob Woolmer's murder. Speaking to The Times, Shields said the police did not have sufficient evidence to detain any team member and doing so "would have had an extremely adverse effect on the World Cup".

Shields was concerned there would have been an uproar "if I had started holding people against their will". Woolmer was found dead in his hotel room on March 18.

Part of the investigations include analysing the video tapes from the CCTV on the 12th floor of the Pegasus Hotel, where Woolmer had his room. Shields said the footage could provide the police with the breakthrough they needed. "I am very optimistic," he said. "If the quality is as good as I hope it is they will help us significantly in our investigation of who went on to the 12th floor that Sunday, or Saturday night."

Door keycards of every room in the hotel were also being checked to figure out movements inside the hotel leading up to the time of Woolmer's death. "It's a huge task," Shields said. "But when we do that we get the time of death." Police are also examining Woolmer's laptop for clues.

Shields said the police were yet to eliminate anyone as a suspect. "Everybody at the moment is a witness, but we do not have more suspicion about one person over another," he told the paper. "Murder is not solved in 45 minutes like it is on TV. In reality it's not like that."

According to an AFP report Shields said that although the doors to each room could not be viewed through the cameras, the ends of the corridor were visible. "[It] will give us an indication who was on that floor," he said.

He also dismissed rumours the players had argued with the coach after Pakistan's defeat against Ireland. "As far as I'm aware at the moment," he said, "the players and officials were very subdued and there was no heated exchange."

All members of the Pakistan team were questioned and later asked to provide DNA samples. Inzamam-ul-Haq, the Pakistan captain, and Mushtaq Ahmed, the assistant coach, were interviewed a second time before the team was allowed to leave Jamaica on Saturday. An inquest has also been ordered into the murder and Woolmer's body will remain in Jamaica until the proceedings are over.

Dalawar Chaudhry, a Pakistan official who organised the team's stopover in London, said the players were very low. "I have had a word with all the boys and they have lost someone very near and dear to them," Chaudhry told AFP. "A father figure has been lost ... They haven't been sleeping well. It's been a very emotional time."

They are gonna get someone sooner or later
Yeah I'm really hoping they get to the bottom of this and find out who was involved in this. Sometimes these guys take their sports toooo seriously. This is just crazy!
Good to know that Mark Shields is atleast pointing the finger at something(whic is not the paki team)
if it is gambling-related, would the gambling ring have someone in the hotel, as it suggests whoever did it was there, in the West Indies at the time of the match (only a few hours after) and more importantly, in the hotel....I can't help thinking someone from the team is responsible. Confused
I dont think that Woolmer died naturally. There is something mysterios factor in that issue....
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