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The french dream...

Ah, si seulement la France pouvait faire rêver comme le fait le pays de L'Oncle Sam ! Mais non, ici il faut bien du courage pour affronter la dure réalité du monde du travail : un chômage à 10 %, des emplois précaires sans lendemain, des patrons qui n'ont aucune raison d'embaucher... Et une ambiance de travail morose où la suspicion règne parmi les employés ... Les Dents de la mer dans l'entreprise ! Non, hélas les Français n'ont pas encore compris qu'il ferait bien de s'inspirer davantage des Etats-Unis. Confused
Tu devrais poster ce message dans la partie francaise du forum, je ne crois pas que beaucoup de personnes puissent te repondre ici tu sais...

*you should post this in the french section of the forum*

ps not playing mini mod here honest!
Yeah, it would be cool if your country could make dream like the USA but you always have to see both sides of the medal. For sure, the rate of workless in France, and in your neighbour country Germany is pretty high, and it imposes a severe social problem, but even in USA not everything is as shiny as it is represented in the media, like in the movies from hollywood...

Having work, does not forcefully bring you the happiness that you want. Like for instance you can have 3-4 different jobs, work hard to pay the monthly bills, and still you are uncertain about what would happen when you get ill. Once something unexpected happens, you either have to work more, or see your bank, which would cause more problems, than you would actually have already.

You can dream in the USA if you got everything on the way you want it to be, when you have a safe job, a good medical insurance and social insurance, and if in the end you would still have time for your loved ones and a bit of money left to realize the dreams of your children, your wife or yourself.

If you just left school, you mostly have the same problems in finding a good job, or you would have to work hard to pay your studies on high-school and university...

So, I do not know... well if you had work it would be cool for sure, but please do not think that work and richness grows on trees here and you just need to pick it off...
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