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Well, to start's good to be back. I've been going through the worst of times and it is slowly becoming the best of times. Unfortunately my website and my posting on frihost *sorry bondings* has also suffered durring this phase, but I wanted to let you guys know that I will be making the transition to my new domain:

What is an AstroTwister, you say? Well, an AstroTwister is a yahoo widget that I have created that has been downloaded a whole bunch of times, and if you don't know what it is yet don't worry I won't tell the "Cool Police" that you are behind the times.

Tell you what, if you are into widgets, then you might check out either or and you'll get the inside scoop on a widget that you have been missing.

Actually I'm disappointed in yahoo's widget search option. For some reason you have to type the whole thing "AstroTwister" in order to find the widget. I had no luck finding it on yahoo when I just typed "astro" into the search. Go figure that a major search engine isn't searchable when it comes to widgets. You might have better luck finding it using their main search page rather than their find a widget feature.

Please send me email or reply to this post and encourage me to update my website and make the much needed transition from subdomain to domain.

Well, i've enjoyed your support in the past and I love the community on frihost. Also, if you have followed one of my tutorials on my website and used it to create really cool stuff on your website, then please post it here and let me know so i can go and check it out!!!!
I've moved states!!! I just moved from kentucky to tennessee. You might think it's crazy and I would have to agree with you.

I actually didn't know i was moving less than a week ago now, but I'm glad I did, because I have a great job now. Maybe the changes to my website will come sooner rather than later.

Ok, so heres the deal. If you have any suggestions for my website ( soon to become then make them now, because you will miss your chance to have an interactive impact on my website. If something sucks and must go, then let me know now or forever hold your peace.

I might do a prerelease of what I have worked on so far, but only if the current website gets too much critisism. I've worked in a few things that I have been telling myself that I need to change, but I am interested in what you think of the website now, and what changes you would make if you were me.

Once again I incourage those who have used my tutorials to help improove their own websites. If you got an idea from me, then great!! I want to see what you've done. The only thing I ask is that you don't use my images on your website, but there are much more exciting things that you could steal from my website, that I incourage you to steel!!!!!
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