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Booting Win XP or Ultimate CD 4 Win on USB HDD

I am not sure if this is the right place to ask about booting USB HDD for various OS.

I have check various web sites, that focus on USB, but not a clear convincing answer to boot XP or UCD4Win on USB HDD.

UCD4Win is in CDFS file format, but it is running XP (depends on how you build the UCD4Win).

Will appreciate if we can come up with a suitable solution to boot XP or better still the UCD4Win for recovery and backup functions, allowing to run Ghost32 rather than Ghost (DOS).

I have no problem booting DOS7.1 on USB Thumb and USB HDD, but
no success on XP.

Welcome lots of help.
i read somewhere, while booting, XP will disable and enable USB. so it's impossible to boot XP direct from any USB device.

i can't even install it from USB when i tried. so i have to copy installation files on hardisk first and run it from hardisk
This is true to certain extend, the USB is activated by drivers within XP, but you can boot from USB, as the more recent BIOS will recognise USB Flash drive and USB HDD for booting.

You can create a bootable XP on USB Flash drive, using the PE2USB from the BartPE site.

I have done this and am convinced of the possibility to boot XP from USB devices. MS has the Pre-Install Environment (PE) capable of running from USB HDD.

You can read more of this from the BartPE site.

Here is the URL:

There is also the site on Everything about USB.

Hope to hear from those who would like to venture into making Ultimate Boot CD 4 Win (UBCD4WIN) bootable from USB HDD.

With best regards.
i just wish that somebody can give step by step instruction instead of keep telling it can be done and refer back to that nu2 site.

can you just copy paste from that site how to do it?
waitt!!!! i just noticed you are the same person that post the first message asking how to do it. now in the third posting, you manage to do it. which one is it? or is somebody else is using your account?
Booting BartPE is different from booting XP.

I will consider putting the step by step instruction for BartPE.

Please know that BartPE is a slimmed down version of XP, and
the registry is simulated (you cannot add program when running the BartPE environment).

I am unable to boot a full fledge XP on USB HDD, and the UBCD4Win is very close to it, as it does provides lots of functionalities as a working XP environment.

The goodness of UBCD4Win (boot from CD) is that it will work on any Hardware configuration - thus no need for specific drivers. This makes it able to boot from any modern PC/notebook.

I do hope to get this functionality on a USB HDD - which is my first request.

I am not interested just on BartPE with limited functionality (good enough for recovery though from a USB drive).

Thus, I am able to boot BartPE, but not a more functionable XP environment. Please note that UBCD4Win is built using BartPE.

I am not here to teach how to build BartPE step by step, but will be happy to do it, if you really wanted me to.

I want help on the more advance version (more customized version) of BartPE or made UBCD4Win boot from USB HDD (not on USB pen drive).

No body stole my ID.

With best regards
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