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PLEASE CLOSE - Open Letter of Invitation to FriHost Staff...

Captain Fertile
Dear Bondings and FriHost Staff,

I am in the embryonic stages of creating my dream of a fun website and I have found FriHost, its members, its hosting and its staff invaluable in helping me do as much as I have over the last few months.

As FriHost is, as I have stated numerous times before, the BEST forum on the web I have leant somewhat on FriHost for ideas of how to lay out a good forum and what kind of rules and messages to display to members.

First of all I would like to invite any designated member of FriHost staff, or even Bondings himself to check out my forum and if anything there is in clear breach of your terms of service let me know and it will be removed or if anything is too close to FriHost and is either in breach of copyright, good manners or requires some kind of credit given please advise me of this too.

I wont place my website address here in case it is classed as SPAM, I am sure many people are aware of the address anyway but if not let me know who is dealing with this matter and I will PM them the address.

I would prefer one designated staff member to perform this so that I can get a clear response from FriHost and not get various points of view. So issues can be resolved quickly and with some finality.

Secondly, on my site I have a partners section and I would really like to place a prominent link on there to FriHost as a sincere thank you and as a service to any visitors/members I may have looking for quality free hosting.

Would there be a problem with me doing this?

If not are there any FriHost ad banners and official text I may use to advertise FriHost as one of my partners?

If you have a problem with the term partner I understand and would be happy to put a smaller link in the general links section (or no link at all if you prefer).

I know this may sound like some kind of marketing ploy but I assure you this is a genuine offer with no hidden agenda other than to thank FriHost and maybe spread its reputation to a wider section of the candy loving section of the internet community. Oh and also so I don’t jeopardise my membership of FriHost.

I hope this meets with your approval.

Captain Fertile

PS. I really do not wish to be in any way seen as competition to FriHost and hope I can be an approved site (even if it is just in word rather than actual reciprocal links or such which I am aware you do not offer).
Which website are you talking about?

Don't worry about posting the url here, because if we really don't like it being posted, we'll remove the link ourselves. Wink
He is talking about this site -
His forums are on

Just thought of helping you, Captain. Wink
Completely off-topic ( Embarassed ), this is the most BIZARRE thread, I think I have ever read on Frihost!
You seem to have some similar forum names and similar rules. Unless there is something that I overlooked, this is ok for me.

About the link, that is definately appreciated. I don't have a problem with the partners section. Very Happy

By the way, nice website - it has some potential if properly advertised on the internet. Just a small suggestion, what about a link from the forums to the main website?
Captain Fertile

No I haven't hidden anything prior to your inspection. Very Happy

I was a little concerned about having similar rules/stickies based quite heavily in one or two cases on your own but that is ok then there should be no problems.

Yes I will be adding a link to the home page from my forum once I find a way to do it Embarassed I have little experience of this kind of thing, the entire project has been a HUGE learning curve but a ton of fun.

PHPBB was a complete mystery to me 48 hours ago (only ever used a forum, never had one). I don't claim to be any good yet but I will learn Laughing

Thanks for the words of encouragement, high praise indeed from you - that made my day. I will no doubt make mistakes but I will make my baby work somehow and the initial feedback has been pretty positive.


Thanks for the help, it got the things I needed done a lot faster because I couldn't be here much today anyway.

What I am doing is basically making sure Bondings and you guys know what I am doing so that I don't work hard in the next six months+ building up a good website/forum and then suddenly find I have either broken some copyright rule (i.e. the stickes I have taken and altered) or broken some FriHost TOS and lose my account here.

I really do like FriHost forums (and the friends I have made here) that much and don't want to lose it when a few changes now can avoid all that.

Just trying to be repectful to Bondings and the crew here who have worked long and hard. Just making them aware of what I have done and to show anything I do wrong is in error and not being underhanded.

Nothing worse then feeling someone has taken your hard work, cut and pasted it into their own site and profited from it in some way without even a thanks or an acknowldgement.
mathiaus wrote:
Completely off-topic ( Embarassed ), this is the most BIZARRE thread, I think I have ever read on Frihost!

I agree also.

Site looks good. Did you get the link from the site to the forums?
If you didn't pm me and i will help out.
Captain Fertile
Why is it so bizarre? Isn't it simply good manners?

Shouldn't we all be doing this instead of simply knicking other people's ideas and work?

I like to do things this way.

BRB - My movies have just finished downloading on Kazaa - JUST KIDDING!
Captain Fertile wrote:
Yes I will be adding a link to the home page from my forum once I find a way to do it Embarassed I have little experience of this kind of thing, the entire project has been a HUGE learning curve but a ton of fun.

The templates/ca_aphrodite_purple/overall_header.tpl file should be the template of the top of the page (I'm not completely sure it's that file in your template), like the logo and navigation. If you add a link (or something else) in that file, it will appear on every forum page.
Captain Fertile wrote:
Why is it so bizarre? Isn't it simply good manners?

Yes, but the fact you are bothering is what's bizarre. Loads of people (99% approx) don't bother. Even then, you could've just said 'an I use your rules please' or something. This is like copying one countries plans for nuclear weapons then inviting them to check them (without the nuclear implications though obviously!).

I in now way meant to criticise your post, in fact applaud it (Applause), I'm just shocked (good shocked Smile ).

Good Luck with your site (and life etc) Dancing
Captain Fertile
^^ Thanks for that, please don't think you have offeneded me or anything.

I tend to try and do things right and I strongly believe in what goes around comes around. Nice things really do happen to nice people, just ask my probation officer - just kidding!

Many people are as pleasant as a box of frogs but being nice and being seen to be nice makes a difference to the world.

I'll stop now otherwise I may try to start a group hug!

Anyway, I think I got the answers I needed so please feel free to close this thread.

to add it go to where bondings said then find
   <td colspan="2" class="forum-buttons" valign="middle">
            <a href="profile.php?mode=editprofile&amp;sid=cdfbc63f1a10849c9183b4d84ddb37b4">Profile</a> •
            <a href="privmsg.php?folder=inbox&amp;sid=cdfbc63f1a10849c9183b4d84ddb37b4">Private Messages</a> •
            <a href="search.php?sid=cdfbc63f1a10849c9183b4d84ddb37b4">Search</a> •
            <a href="faq.php?sid=cdfbc63f1a10849c9183b4d84ddb37b4">FAQ</a> •

            <a href="memberlist.php?sid=cdfbc63f1a10849c9183b4d84ddb37b4">Memberlist</a> •
            <a href="groupcp.php?sid=cdfbc63f1a10849c9183b4d84ddb37b4">Usergroups</a> •
            <a href="login.php?logout=true&amp;sid=cdfbc63f1a10849c9183b4d84ddb37b4">Log out [ Blaster ]</a>

And add
<a href=" ">Home</a> •

And you should be good Very Happy

And i was kinda shocked to see this also. Thats all. Its a great idea.
Off topic a bit, but, I really like the site. It seems to have some good potential. I would actually help you out by linking to you on my site. Smile

If you don't mind me asking, where/how did you get the design from the site? Is it raw HTML? Or a CSS template? Or what? Cause, I really like it. I would like a bright, colorful design like yours on my site.
Captain Fertile
I created everything from scratch using plain old HTML using Dreamweaver and photoshop for my images and a little imigination.

The header in the forum was created by the very talented brilliantbeauty all other original images are my own.

I have had a lot of help with the forum and hosting from Animal and other people here too numerous to mention have helped out too. Hence the debt I owe to FriHost as a sommunity.

I will contact you via PM very shortly Thanks.

I have created a new thread in the Advertise Your Site section of FriHost to allow the Mods to close this thread and let everyone interested in Kandy x-Change to post there and stay on topic.

So please use the new thread for Kandy X-Change related posts chaps and chapettes. Razz

Thread Link:

Captain Fertile wrote:

It is now Wink

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