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Web site structure and filenames

How should I make the directory structure of my website so that search engines can easily find the pages ?
Is there something that should be changed about this structure ?
Should I keep the index.php files or files named according to content ?

Here's a sample structure. Please tell me how I can correct this ...


/                              - root folder
   index.php              - main page

/images                    - images for all files in the whole website ?
   index.php              - page to prevent directory being opened by browser

/home                      - home folder with only index.php
   /home/index.php    - again main page (any suggestions)

/games                     - games folder with index.php and few game*.php
 /games/index.php     - main games page with links to /games/titac.php ,..


Note the difference between games and downloads folder ...
Downloads has subfolders with index.php
Games has files properly named.

Which should I use ?

And the images ? Should I put them all in /images ?
Or separate image subfolders ?
Put up some meta tags in your page, so that there's keywords for google and other search engines to search.

Google... they won't find your website for a while, so after you put it up, for a while it won't be found on google.

Hmz, well good luck with that ^^!
What's the difference between your 'main' page and your 'home' page? I don't understand why you have to have both. What purpose does each serve?
littlegiant wrote:
What's the difference between your 'main' page and your 'home' page? I don't understand why you have to have both. What purpose does each serve?

Very Happy Not much actually. I thought I'll have a sort of intro page on main, but I guess that's useless anyway. I think I'll remove the 'home' page. Thanks for asking.

What about the structure of the site. Any comments ?

Should I use /index.php or something like games.php ?

Should I put games.php in a folder called games ?
I would definitely name each page using keywords that you want the page to rank for. Also you should try to be more specific than just naming a page 'games.php' or 'chess.php'. Ask yourself what each particular page is about and then do a little keyword research to find out which keywords are going to bring in the most traffic related to that page's topic. Then use those keywords to name the page. For example, if your page is primarily about playing chess online then name it play-chess-online.php. And yes, put all your chess related pages in a folder that has at least the keyword 'chess' in the name.

But once again I would get more specific. Chess is too generic. You'll want to get the 'landing' or 'home' page for your chess section to rank for something more specific to do with chess.
Ok ... Thanks for the info..
That was useful. Will think of naming the pages properly...

I'm kind of new, so could u suggest any free sites do keyword research..
And can u submit each page of a site separately to search engines ?
Or is it only for subdomains or subfolders ?
I'm kind of new, so could u suggest any free sites do keyword research..

Sure. Keyword Discovery and Wordtracker are the most popular and comprehensive keyword tools out there at the moment. Both have free trial versions which are quite useful to do some rudimentary keyword research. The trial versions have limitations regarding access to more advanced research, number of projects you can make and other stuff. However, if you really intend on trying to make some money with your website, I'd recommend investing in the paid version of one or both tools for at least a month as you'll get a lot more advanced data at your disposal.

Another completely free keyword tool is the Google Adwords Keywords tool. You don't have to have an adwords account to use it.

Animal wrote:
Referral links removed - these are not allowed anywhere on the Frihost Forums
Thanks bro. Just a beginner, will try the free things. Got to run now.
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