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types of cell phones?

I have a T-MObile cell phone... pretty good.
i'm saving mone to get a motorala cell phone...

what kind of cell phone do you have?
Well i have just gone and go my self a Nokia 6020, one of best phones fast and cool Smile
Your choices are TDMA, CDMA, PCS, and good ol' fashioned analog. Pick your poison.

Now even if you have the best service provider you will have an unpleasant experience if your phone comes out of a cerial box or was "free". I on the other hand researched the phone with the best reception and audio fidelity and have no problems whatsoever.

I'm using Sony Ericsson K500i.
I have T-Mobile I had them for a long long time ever since they came out. Ever since they were Voice Stream. They give me alot of deals all the time because one of my family members works for them and I been with them for so long.
T-mobile is i think is the largest mobile network in croatia (there are 2), and the only one in normal telephone lines. Therefor prices are 50-70% higher than in other countys where is tmobile Sad . i have nokia 3510.
Hi everyone!

Me, I'm using my old ''Fido'' cell phone, but i think to change it to a
TIO-600 ...

For those who dont know what is this cell phone, it's like a palm, but look like a cell phone and is alitle bigger...

You can go in internet with it, take photos and listen mp3's and it have more memory and mhz then pentium 3 i guess !

It's really good and you can call with it too...

But the price is really big too... like 700 - 1000 $usd (last time i see)

But if you like litle gadgets with alot functionnality, you really should get this !

Ps. if you take a contract, it should cost less (If the company offers this cell phone!)

Good luck.
Tommy Laughing .
i am using a nokia 6680 with telsim gsm operator.
telsim gsm operator is the best operator of the middle-east region. also, turkcell gsm opreator is the best operator in the world.
I am still using Nokia 8310 Crying or Very sad
Me too ,Nokia 8310.
I use a Sony-Ericsson K-700 for a year.

I have a Samsung SGH-x427 with Cingular, it was one of those $30 phones that are free with a contract. I've had it 2.5 years and it works about everywhere except downstairs next to my computer.

Here is a pic I photoshoped awhile back:

I have an LGVX3200

I really want to get rid of it....I can't do any of the cool stuff that some verizon phones can...I have no games, crappy ringtones, and text messaging that costs a bundle....but "can you hear me now?"
James Bond-007
I don't have one, but if i did, I would want Motorola's Razor.
I currently have a nokia phone.. Uhm.. i think i will shift into a SGH-xxxx something.. (Samsung), there was this expo here in our place featuring the incoming new phone models of samsung...

eg: there was this phone you can connect to a "big screen" to play cool games and i like it... im looking forward for this stuff! Idea
greekcovers wrote:
I use a Sony-Ericsson K-700 for a year.

me2 Very Happy
Well, I have Nokia 6610i , and I bought it for $98. Its a bad thing that my screen is badly cracked.

(I mean the outer cover)
i have nokia6600 for a year now... not really the best phone out there but it fairly suits my needs: camera, 9sec video (but you can install a mobile software anyway), and... well text messages.. also add a memory card to the list by the way...

anyway it's great enough for me.. but next time i'm gonna buy a phone it's gonna be by samsung... i dunno if they already have bluetooth but if they already do then that's awesome.
I use a Samsung Vi660 with Sprint PCS service. Here's a picture of it

It is not the best phone in the world but it does just fine for what I need it to do: make and receive phone calls, get the occasional text message, and provide wireless web and email access. My only problems with it are that it gets bad reception in most buildings and when you are like 5 miles or so away from a cell tower (the distance from my house to the nearest tower). But other than that, it's a great phone.
nice fone there, well mine is an LG, pretty similar to that one, its a flip fone, got rotatable camera two colour screens, mp3.. s'all good mate.
I use NOKIA only.


and I like 7610 best
NOKIA 7610

Key Features
Integrated megapixel (1152 x 864 pixels) camera with 4x digital zoom for quality prints
Integrated video recorder with audio function and 4x digital zoom for video clips up to 10 minutes long
RealOne Player
Standard and night camera modes and self-timer
Movie Director - Combine video clips, add music, or change styles
Created and downloaded digital content (images, sounds, videos) with Gallery storage
Welcome Demo for a quick start as well as a Help application that guides you through your phone's many features.
65,536 color-display, 176 x 208 pixels
Bluetooth wireless technology and USB connectivity
MMS, email, and Instant Messaging
Advanced XHTML browser
Personalized user interface themes
Nokia Xpress-on™ Style Packs

Tri-band Operation
Tri-band coverage on up to five continents (GSM 900/1800/1900 or GSM 850/1800/1900)
Automatic switching between bands

Weight: 118 g
Dimensions: 108.6 mm x 53 mm x 18.7 mm, 93.5 cc

Display and User Interface
Bright active matrix TFT color display
65,536 colors
176 x 208 pixel resolution
Graphical user interface with selectable themes
5-way navigation key
Symbian operating system 7.0s
Series 60 platform
this is my Motorola A1000, don't think it's available in the US though:

runs on UIQ - same platform as the SE P800/900/910. Cool thing is that it allows you to play Doom & Heretic & the old adventure games like Indiana Jones & Days of the Tentacles =)
Zaheer Khan
Sony Ericson K700i

Specifications Compare vs...
Modes GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
Weight 3.28 oz (93 g)
Dimensions 3.90" x 1.83" x 0.77" (99 x 46 x 20 mm)
Form Factor Bar
Internal Antenna
Battery Life Talk: 7.00 hours (420 minutes)
Standby: 360 hours (15 days)
Battery Type LiPolymer
Display Type: LCD (Color TFT/TFD)
Colors: 65,536 (16-bit)
Size: 176 x 220 pixels
Platform / OS (N/A)
Memory 40 MB (built-in, flash shared memory)
Phone Book Capacity 510
FCC ID PY7A1021041 (Approved May 13, 2004)

Features Show Missing Features
Alarm Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Calculator Yes
Calendar Yes
Camera Resolution: VGA (640 x 480)
with LED flash
Custom Graphics Yes
Custom Ringtones built-in polyphonic ringtone composer
Data-Capable Yes
Digital TTY/TDD Yes
E-Mail Client Protocols Supported: POP3, IMAP4
EMS / Picture Messaging Yes
Flashlight Yes
FM Radio Stereo: Yes
20 presets
Games Yes
High-Speed Data Technology: GPRS
Infrared (IR) Yes
Java (J2ME) Version: MIDP 2.0
MP3 Player Memory (MB): 40
Multiple Languages Yes
Multiple Numbers per Name Numbers per entry: 5
PC Sync Yes
Picture ID Yes
Polyphonic Ringtones Chords: 40
Predictive Text Entry Technology: T9
Ringer ID Yes
Ringer Profiles Number of profiles: 7
Side Keys up/down, camera, and Internet keys
Speaker Phone Type: Full-Duplex
Streaming Multimedia Yes
SyncML Yes
Text Messaging 2-Way: Yes
plus Instant Messaging
Text Messaging Templates Yes
To-Do List Yes
Vibrate Yes
Video Capture length limited only by memory
Voice Dialing Yes
Voice Memo Yes
Wireless Internet WAP 2.0
i`m currently using Nokia 6600 Smile
Mobile Phones (Just to be annoying)
I have a Nokia 3330
I have a sony ericsson t610 at the moment, but waiting for it to be unlocked since i had it replaced so i can use my sim in it so stuck with a nokia 3310 for a while.
Want to get a Samsung z500 on contract though soon.
Nokia way better than motorola Cool
i am currently using nokia n-gage qd.. when i bored, i can play it.. very handy. Razz
I've got a Sony-Ericsson T610


Full specs

Cellular technology GSM
Band / mode GSM 900/1800/1900 (Tri-Band)
Wireless Interface Bluetooth, Infrared (IrDA)
Multi-use / PDA phone No
Talk time Up to 840 min
Standby time Up to 310 h
Analog roaming capable No
International compatibility Yes
Display Languages English, Dutch, French, Spanish

Included accessories Software kit
Combined with With digital camera


Vibrating Alert Yes
Voice Dialing Yes
Speakerphone No
Phone Book Capacity 510 names & numbers
Voice Mail Capability Yes
Dialed Calls Memory 30
Ring Tones 25
Polyphonic Ringer Yes
Downloadable ring tones No
Melody Composer Yes
Alarm Clock Yes
Calendar Yes
Multi-language Menu Yes

Additional Features Photo album, Picture phonebook, Closed user groups, Intelligent typing (T9), SIM application toolkit (STK), Downloadable JAVA applications

PDA Features

Flash memory form factor Integrated
Synchronization With PC Yes
Synchronization With SyncML
Digital Player / Recorder
Digital player / recorder type None

Display Type LCD display
Display Resolution 128 x 160 pixels
Color Support Yes
Color Depth 16-bit (65000 colors)
Photo caller ID capable No


Battery installed 11 Lithium ion

and many, many more!

Oh, I forgot, It has a cam, (but a bad one)
i'm using 2 cellphones right now :
- siemens m55 for gsm triband + amps
- sanex 5200 for cdma 2000 1x 1900mhz

i have plan to buy 3g phone after got some $ from googl3 someday Very Happy
I'm using a Nokia Crapshack. I don't even know what model it is anymore. All I know is that it's 3 years old and doesn't work very good. The 6 button sticks and it randomly puts 4's in.
i got nokia 6100 but i'm not happy with it-I want a newer phone with video calls.
I only buy Nokia-cause they have much better operating system than any other cellolar phones Idea
i only have the oldest model of cellphone nokia 3310 i cant afford too expensive one
I have a NEC E616 Phone. The only reason i bought the phone is because i got it for free on 3 and im paying very little on line rental. The phone has good and bad points.

Good points:

2.3G – video and audio streaming, downloading and messaging


4.SONY MEMORYSTICK DUO™ - support for expandable memory

5.Spare battery

6.USB Cable hands free kit

8.Supports a wide range of image, audio and video file formats (GIF, PNG, BMP, WBMP, JPG, JFIF, JPE, JPEG, MIDI, MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, ASF, MPEG4 Video, 3GP, & WMV format)*
Video recorder and playback

9.Memory: 19MB dynamic phone memory

BAd points: can only use the phone on 3 network.

2.signal is not very good but i also blame 3 network aswell(coverage) only good when in bright daylight and video recording quality is poor.

4.battery life is not good.

overall you get what u pay for. This phone on pay as u go was for £25 all in.

JINN Twisted Evil
I use the Motorola V180 from T-Mobile. Not much to say except:

-USB Port Avalible
-Color Screen
-Other Small Features

Main reason I got it was it was free with Contract and, T-Mobile's Free Mobile to Mobile calls.
Ive got K700I today and so far i am very pleased with it. Razz
I have a simple Samsung SGH-x427 for Cingular.

I crave for my dad's black Razr Mad
I use lenovo, a chinese band
motorola e398

I use Motorola V220. xD

The Motorola V220 world phone combines a stunning colour display, video playback, an integrated digital camera, multimedia messaging and the high-quality sound of MP3 ring tunes. Good things do come in small and beautiful packages!
Siemens CX60 is my cell phone.
I got it apsolutely free from T-com Croatia.


I have a SONY CMD-Z7. very old one but still has a host of features like Sound Recorder, E-mail, Etc Etc
have a nokia 3650 at the moment, but am saving up for a ericsson t900 Smile
Just need the voice , sms, gprs and Alarm ... Smile
So I use ... C381 ... Motorolla ... cheap cheap .. he he he
well I got two fortunatelly...
I have a personal one. Motorola E1000. I've bought it recently and so far I'm liking to have it...
For work I use a Qtek 9090... pretty nice too, I like it most because it has wireless connection! And when I go shopping with my girl, while she shops, I'm sitting on msn using shop's wireless connection... After all shops aren't only to spend money! hehehe Very Happy
I wanna buy a mobil phone with bluetooth and jme 2.0 support, síiiiiiiiiiiii!!!
man that'd be so cool to get the razor phone, i think online there are some plans that have it for free, i have to check, but if you google for something like "free razr phone" or "subscription with razor phone" etc. there are hacks and stuff for it too
Anyone played with a Nokia N70 yet?
sony ericsson K300i
I've got a nokia 6600, it's a decent phone I would buy another one if I could get the same deal. Has taken a beating and still works, I don't really use the camera much.
i want a nokia coss 17000 rupees...damn, that's expensive Sad ...but that phone has it all...check it out...right now using this stupid panasonic's some stone-age model... Mad,,55761,00.html
icy_crystal_angel, instead, set your sites on the 6680 or better yet, the N70. Not sure if you guys have 3G or if it is of any interest to you, but both these phones comes fully loaded, anything u can think of. The best for me is that it runs symbian. So u can load just about anything on your phone. If you're not too interested in a smaertphone, rather check out osme of the Sony Ericsson offerings, their phone are also pretty good.
I use to have a soneyericsson k700i, but unfortunately i lost it. So currently i'm using a sonyericsson s700i. But i'm planning to change to a samsung SGH-E730. Don't know if it's a wise decesion, but i think that samsung phone is pretty fancy. With a 1.3mp camera and bluetooth, 262k color internal and 64k external. Supports mp3's too, with 90mb of built in storage. The downside is i don't think it has infra-red ports and it's memory is not extendable.
right at the moment im using a Motorola V220 , i like it , better than all of my other cell phones i had , the other sucked lmao !! Laughing
i am currently using an LG u8120 on Three(3G) who i have fount to be cheep but offer a poor service. also my contract runs out next month and i want a SonyEricsson K750 which is not 3G capable.
I have a motorolla picture/video phone, and it's the best, I love it to death you can fit a lot of pics and clips and it has games and MSN and cool ringtones, mine is the Sex And The City theme, it's cool....
The N70 comes with 2M camera, memory upgradeable to 512MB, if not more. camera has a flash, and most important, it run Symbian, which allows you to upload just about any app/game. It looks rather sleek as well, and it is not bulky at all. All other features mentioned by the samsung is supported, however it also does not have infra-red. I think this feature is slowly but surely dying since bluetooth and usb capability sis now taking over.
Well, I am a patriot of the Nokia phones, actually I was. 4 years ago I knew alot about celluar phones when I was in business and repairing them. Nokias were really the best ones, but today, when I have been away from it and decided to get a new Nokia phone I got really disapointed. Bad signal !!!
In general I do not respect all these superfeatures like camera, color display which is not viewable under the light and superbad at sunlight. I need something simple with a regular display, good signal and bluetooth function. MP3 player would be a plus.

Anyway, how is that Cell phone topic related to the hosting?
what hosting? w.r.t to reception, the phone I currently use, which is the predecessor to the N70, has excellent reception and speech quality. You can measure this by installing an app call netmon on your phone.
I have a Samsung e317 with Cingular service. It's a really nice phone, has a really nice quality color screen, but after seeing the phones that some of my friends have (Motorola's, I believe), I kind of wish I got one of those. Razz Oh well, maybe in the future. Smile
I have a nokia 3200, I'm thinking of buying nokia 6630, and my father is thinking to buy sony ericsson w800i...
My first phone was Alcatel....
It was 2 years ago and i forgot the model Smile
Then i was using Philips 535

And now i have LG G 1800
no one here who likes siemens:)))))) just me
i have m65 phone and like it alot, it has all that i need and is very usable
I have a dirt cheap Siemens A52. Does nothing but making calls Wink
gonzo wrote:
Your choices are TDMA, CDMA, PCS, and good ol' fashioned analog. Pick your poison.

Now even if you have the best service provider you will have an unpleasant experience if your phone comes out of a cerial box or was "free". I on the other hand researched the phone with the best reception and audio fidelity and have no problems whatsoever.


On the contrary, if you sign up for service at the right time you can get a good phone for free. Two years ago I signed up for two years of service and got a Sony Ericsson T616 for FREE, it's better than all the phones my friends have who got free phones with service last Christmas.

BTW TDMA is obsolete; I don't think any carriers still use TDMA. GSM is the most popular type worldwide, but the stubborn US carriers decided to use different technology.

Motorola phones are the worst in my experience. Nokia makes some of the best (only their good phones! Not those terrible things you get for free or nearly free). I have a Nokia 6620 and its the most powerful phone I've had so far. Its successors are already released (its two generations behind now, but those are too expensive). People are amazed at the call quality of my phone, AND the applications I have (its a smartphone, looks a bit odd but like a regular cellphone).
thanx for it Cool
I use a Sony-Ericsson K-700 for a year.
T-MOBILE,that's enough.
Nokia for me. It has really good reception and shit so im happy about it and i can get ringtones of songs.
Fireman Joe
wistom wrote:
Me too ,Nokia 8310.

i've got a Nokia 3310. i dont see the need for colour screen, games, camera etc... just extra costs that i dont need.
does anyone have a samsung d500 im looking to get one and wondered if they are any good?

the reviews on Various sites have been quite good but seem to lack information on their usability and stuff which i really dont know about becasuse i have had nokias all my life.

Please help, Cheers dan
cell phones are really picking up in this art of the world. I find it quite senseless from some hndphone people (no im not talking about gadget people... they are HP purist) who keep up dating their phones thrwing away quite a sum of money for little a fashion item nor a useful device. They often don't buy the essentials such as good apparels and such.
I only had two handys in my whole live Razz and I both got them from my parents, because they bought themselve new ones. I'm not really interested what my mobile phone can actually do apart from calling somebody Razz
At the moment I'm "using" (if you can lying around call using a moble phone Smile ) a PHILIPS Fisio 825.
i use Nextel Motorola i860 phone Laughing its so sexy
I only have a phone so I can call people and text incase of emergancies or when I'm out, but other than that there isn't that much point, but techknology is getting so small now that soon you'll be able to have a high spec. P.C in your hand, then I'll probably get a new phone, till then my old phone is still working phone, (Dispite I've acidently put it through the was twice and dropped it billions of times.)

Rolling Eyes Laughing
I have a nokia 5190, quite an old phone no complaints. I wish I could find another one, it's fits perfect in my pocket, has good battery life, good reception and really durable. Nothing extra (camera, color) besides being able to answer/receive phonecalls and txt messages.
I have a really old one, but I'm waiting for a super-gadget. 5mp camera, 100gig HD (mp3 player), PDA, 5-band cell service, smoothie maker, time machine . . .
I have a very old cell phone. Samsung 515. It's still working, but I think about upgrading it to a newer model.
Fireman Joe
Toady11 wrote:
I have a really old one, but I'm waiting for a super-gadget. 5mp camera, 100gig HD (mp3 player), PDA, 5-band cell service, smoothie maker, time machine . . .

other than that, i think youll have to wait Laughing
I have a Nokia 3315, I want to have a much better cellphone but I can't afford one.
I use a Nokia 1100.. Amazing battery life!
I have a Motorola v300. It's very good in my opinion. I've always used Motorola cellphones and I think they're the best ones. Although I'm a little eager to buy a Sony Ericsson's K700i Embarassed
Flavia wrote:
I have a Motorola v300. It's very good in my opinion. I've always used Motorola cellphones and I think they're the best ones. Although I'm a little eager to buy a Sony Ericsson's K700i Embarassed

Yeah K700i its a good phone for good price....
But i like Motorolla E398 More Wink
i currently have a motorola v505, which i have to pay a monthly bill for, so im gonna switch to prepaid...i dunno what service im gonna get it from,but the net10 phones don't look too bad
I have Nokia 3510i, in my opinion its very very VERY useless. I would like to change it as soon as possible but it all depends on the money in my pocket. Lol
i've a sony-ericsson t68i, but the joystick is damaged.
i will buy a new one, perhaps again a sony-ericsson
6220 & 6600.. I will think i will sell 6220 but i dont think about which better 3660 and 3650.. =/
I've a Nokia 6610i. But I think I'm going to buy a Nokia 6230i or a Sony Ericsson K750i. Very cool phones... Cool
I'm using a SonyEricsson S700i at the moment. It has served me well for long enough and i think it's time to change a new phone. I'm planning to get a SonyEricsson K750i. But still waiting for the price to go a little lower first, cause I'll be getting an extra one for my girlfriend. Don't wanna blow my pocket. hahahaha.......
Tondog wrote:
I use a Samsung Vi660 with Sprint PCS service. Here's a picture of it

Veeeryy beautiful your cell... i use a Motorola V120.

Very Happy
i got telit x95 but i'll change it very soon.... i want' one of the new nokia.
nokia is the best!
I have Nokia 3315, not an advanced cellphone but definitely completes my day when I'm using it. Smile Its the cheapest one I can get.
I'm use to Nokia 3310 Crying or Very sad
I own a Qtek 8010 for over a Month now and love it !
Despite I don't like M$ that much MS Mobile is "good" !
i use SET 610, however, in my opinion nokia6310 is the best cellphone ever made. i had one before t610.
ell i have just gone and go my self a Nokia 6020, one of best phones fast and cool Smile
just a plain old nokia Very Happy xD
I have a HP H6325 Pocket Pc/Phone. It is a wonderful phone. I use it for nearly everything. I take pictures, send emails, listen to music (mp3), watch movies, chat using aim and msn messengers, play games, and so much other features which I am unable to list because it is so much. I use it along with my Motorola HS850 bluetooth headset connected to my Cingular Wireless plan.

I'm a proud non-owner! I'd probably just break it or lose it I don't know which Very Happy
coolpages wrote:
I have a T-MObile cell phone... pretty good.
i'm saving mone to get a motorala cell phone...

what kind of cell phone do you have?

This is a most ridiculous question. You don't care what anyone else has! T-Mobile doesn't even make cell phones, yet you have one. You're an idiot.
You pay money for a cell phone that uses microwaves to communicate, albeit at a low power. Then you pay even more each month to cook your little brain. How long will it take to cook a brain as tiny as yours? Twisted Evil
I use a motorola v3 razr.
i have just gone and go my self a Nokia 6600.It's very good.
I currently have a Samsung SCH - A650 provided by Telus. It's not a bad phone, just kinda slow is all. Only my second phone in my whole life.. my old phone is a Kyocera Blade, in my opinion, the worst phone ever! I'm happy with my samsung, but I would love to get a Motorola V262! Soon..... soon!

i don't have a cell phone...*sigh*...but i really want a palm one phone
mine, motorola v220

nokia 3650...Very Happy
I use a Sony Ericsson Z500. I love it. I use Cingular as my wireless network. I'm not a huge fan of their service or network quality, but I'm a member of the military and I get a 20% discount on everything, so I'm not going to complain. Smile
inesquecivel wrote:
Tondog wrote:
I use a Samsung Vi660 with Sprint PCS service. Here's a picture of it

Veeeryy beautiful your cell... i use a Motorola V120.

Very Happy

Ops... i use the motorola V172!

I only have a Nokia 6600. But its great anyways Smile But I really want Nokia 6630 Wink
i use a sprint LG 3G CDMA fli camera phone. i really like it... its got awesome features and u dont get charged when you go on the net, but it does take away your minutes... but other than that... the features are great! amazing picture quality!!! email, AIM, text, picture ITS ALL THERE!!!
ok mines the one on the top left...
motorola e398 on t-mobile
I have a nokia 3310 only.... very old cell phone ..
Don't really use my mobile at the moment ^_^ no credit!
I have Cingular's LG cellphone -.- Cheap, but usable ^_^
win66 wrote:
I have a nokia 3310 only.... very old cell phone ..

I have it as well. I think it is very good model. It is relaible and has only needed features, nothing extra. It is good price about €15-€20.
Mine is a LG G1800 ==> it sucks ...
I like the design, but the quality isn't very good.
Next would be a Sony-Ericsson, that's better Smile
i am also using sony ericsson k700i.~

last year model.
I have a Nokia 7210 and it hasn't yet annoyed me. It's been a year and a half, and it still has batteries for 3 to 4 days.

I have just one suggestion, when you buy a cell-phone NEVER buy the cheapest ones... They'll only last you a year, while the middle range ones can hold (if you don't loose it) for 3 to 4 years.

My best friend had a nokia 6310 for 6 years, and still uses it... Wink
try the sony ericsson 750i...its really good
inesquecivel wrote:
inesquecivel wrote:
Tondog wrote:
I use a Samsung Vi660 with Sprint PCS service. Here's a picture of it

Veeeryy beautiful your cell... i use a Motorola V120.

Very Happy

Ops... i use the motorola V172!


Same as me! Very Happy
I got a nokia handphone but i want a sony wricsson w800i... it is cool
Tasadduq Khan
I've just sold my MOtorolla V3RZR due to some money problem Sad
But I will get it again within 3 months.
Right now I have sony ericsson's J200 I. I love the sound of this one. Smile
i use the nokia 6600 now...
but not so fast when need to lunch the program...

Very Happy Surprised Surprised Surprised
I have an LG phone, but I am soon going to get a Motorola.
Mine is nokia 3220.. hoping to upgrade to a 6610 though..
I have a Sony Erickson (without photo). I really like it. It's small and has a full color display. Plus it seems to be much more damage-proof than most phones. I must have dropped it on concrete a million times in the last four years and I haven't had a single problem with it. My service however, well that's a different story....
Your choices are TDMA, CDMA, PCS, and good ol' fashioned analog. Pick your poison.
I have a mobile phone that not popular in my country and also in other country. My Mobile phone is just a generic made in china phone with local brand. Most of people never hear the brand of my mobile phone. The mobile phone is not a smartphone. It's 5 years old phone, so i think there is no iphone or android at that time. My mobile phone can run simple java application. It can run old opera mini web browser to browsing on the internet.

I hope in the future if i have much money i want to buy a new mobile phone. I want a water resistant mobile phone with android installed in the phone. I need to wash my mobile phone with water to clean the mobile phone. Non water resistant mobile phone is too dirty with so many germs on it. Right now a water resistant android mobile phone is still quite expensive for me. I hope there would be a price reduction in the future for that kind of mobile phone.
I have Samsung Galaxy

I have JXD S5800 and HTC G18 smart phone
I use Lumia 520, and I love it so much
Right now i have google nexus 5. It is very good phone,working pretty good.browsing is fast. Screen size is 5 inches. Android version is 5.0. I love this phone.
Galaxy S2 Very Happy
I have google nexus 5 android phone. I like the phone.Pretty good speed for downloading.
I have nexus 5. Very good phone and i love it. It has android operating system and Google play store.
I still have to buy a Smart Phone. Latest one I checked out was Samsung Galaxy A5 as a beginner phone. No doubt when I've stopped procrastinating there will be a next generation something or the other that I will have to get up to date with first. Razz
I loved latest android operating system. It provide facility a lot and user friendly.
It is not very hard to learn.
I have nexus 5 phone.
It is pretty big phone with 5" display. latest android and camera is good. I love the phone.
I have Xperia U ST25, I wouldn't recommend it. It is extremely slow and bugs out instantly. When connecting to the internet, I have to wait few minutes before I can start using it because it checks for update and does God knows what else which almost completely freezes the phone for the time being.

My girlfriend and I have researched cheap phones recently because she needed one and in the end she settled for Lumia 530 - Windows OS for phones is very limited compared to Android. It has very few options to configure stuff and way less apps as well. On the other hand, it looks great and runs twice as fast as Android phone with similar parameters. Very stable and reliable. Good purchase.
I've heard good reports of Lumia too. I purchased my first smart phone a couple of months ago - haven't used it as my main phone yet. Want to get the feel of it first. It's a Samsung J5. Not a cheap phone, but almost half the price of the higher end Samsung phones. Great specs for the price: 13 megapixels rear camera and 5 megapixels for front camera. Colour is great. 1.5 GB RAM. New model - launched in June of this year. Very user friendly and focused to conserve battery as well. So far quite impressed with it.
Da Rossa
I still have an iPhone 4s. Good, but now outdated phone. Apple has its benefits; the system is stable and secure, Not flexible though. So I'm guessing my next is gonna be an Android. The favourite candidate as of today is a Sony Xperia Z3.
Now i am having Redmi 2 it is very good to use so many features are dual camera consisting 5 megapixel and 2 megapixel respectively and very good battery backup also there.
I have an iPhone 4. Lol it is so odd seeing someone describe a Nokia 6020 as fast and cool. I remember those days. Smile
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