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We can discuss about books here?

I think if there are people who are interested in reading books and interested in putting their review here, we can do that. One of the good books I recentlty read was "The Monk Who sold his Ferrari" by Robin Sharma.
It's a nice idea to share reviews, but maybe you can tell a little more about the books than the title, author, and "it was great"! Tell us when and where the story takes places and what kind of stuff is happening ( without giving away the best parts ).
Hmmm. A nice idea but to be honest I don't see this as a feasible idea. The first problem is that I don't listen to people whose taste and judgement I don't trust. There are simply too many books for one to read every book suggested by a friend or forum poster, unless of course that reader is, oh, currently unemployed and uninvolved in any social, political, or financial interaction of any kind, with the ability to read ten thousand words a minute and the resolve to actually meet this potential. Short of this, I will only listen to those I know I should be listening to. People might post here, but I don't think useful information will be gleaned from this topic, only voiced. Not the least of the reasons bringing about this end is the apparent carelessness of your spelling or punctuation. If it is a good book, do not disrespect the author by titling it as a magazine article or a movie. If it is a book worthy of literary respect, it gets underlined.

Ahhhh, that really felt good. There's something about snobbishness that can really lift one's spirits - Roughit
Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
lol, lol, lol

I guess its more practical to create a new topic for any book you want to discuss anyway, ...
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