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"CNN/BBC Effect"



"Whether The United States Media should manupilate to bring about a Military Deployment"

Come to your own conclusions..I know I won't be trusting CNN, BBC or FOX anymore.
Manipulating the media for political gain has been going on forever.
Romans put their images on coins to reinforce the concept of their deity.
Muslim country's like to keep their populations illiterate,
so the only truth they know is what they are told.
The political left does it.
The political right does it.
Inner company communications do it.
The entire advertising industry makes its living on doing it.
Media has always been a victim.

When we turn the History Pages, Media has always been used as a source for Political War between parties - Corporate war between Individuals / other corporates. Crying or Very sad

Propogating a small news as a Big news and a Big news as a small news.
Things happen either way...

Keep Smiling Buddies...
indianinworld wrote:
Media has always been a victim.

Media has always been a weapon, the victims are the ones who watch (listen et cetera) to the media and believe it.
Isn't that the truth..Then they have debates about what a great person they are... Laughing
Indeed, the media is corporate and over 90% of everything we see, hear and read is controlled by 5 multinational conglomerates. The game is the same one it has always been, the ruling class vs the rest of us. The left v right premise doesn't exist as both parties represent the interests of ruling class and divide only on 2nd and 3rd tier issues, like abortion and gay marriage. What about the fact that the Federal Reserve is a private institution? Why is it in my best interest for the control and distribution of currency to be in the hands of old money elitists?

A lot of people don't realize that the U.S. exports food and well, war. Our for-profit, industrialized war machine, does not run around the world promoting democracy, of which, there's absolutely no proof of! Never does a single politician advocate nationalizing defense. Indeed, the CIA, the Pentagon has often been found supporting radical fundamentalism. That's the case now in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Bosnia, W. Africa, Palestine, Kuwait, and indeed, Iran. They create the enemy, and the answer is always military intervention, with of course, the control of lucrative resources they covet, the ultimate goal.

Iraq is no different. This region, which was under the control of the Ottomann Empire became the jewel prize of the west in WWI. There's absolutely no proof whatsoever that the west has afforded this region, or parts of it, self-determination. Of course, the talking heads contend that's the premise every day. Their argument is, why would the US govt run around creating enemies it then removes at the expense of the taxpayer, to the tune of billions!! As if to imply that those seedy bastards who on the board of rogue corporations like Halliburton cried when Bush declared war on this defenseless, oil-rich nation. try like, they were toasting champagne!
It's true. Mass media lies always lies. I hate them. I only read those underground/independant newspapers, or media companies of smaller countries that don't bother with censorship. Polish news is what I read to get the truth. They know what's up. It really sucks though, that news companies don't deliver news anymore. Just entertainment and brainwashing. CNN and Fox are the biggest. Fox even bigger. BBC? really? I always though BBC was the good guys.
rheanna is uncensored
Hi all

Just a general reply to no one in particular. The mass media has always been manipulated by Governments and corporations. Leaking half truths, mis-information and downright lies. However, the media (including the BBC - I'm in Scotland so the BBC is our national broadcaster) have also been found guilty, in court, more than once of lying and manipulating stories. I would not say the mass media always lies - that statement cannot be true. However, I would agree that they lie whenever it suits them to, which is what I think you meant. The only thing I believe in a newspaper is the date (and I'd check on that). I'm not saying everything in the media is lies, but much of it is and I like to have corroboration of what they call 'facts' from various sources. Even where a story is substantially true, the media slant it whatever way suits their purposes. I don't think people in the west are as gullible as some of these closed countries where the media is state controlled. Looking back historically, it's usually the victors who write (or in many cases re-write) history. Newspapers and magazines find it very hard to compete now with 24 hour on-demand new and so they make things up or make things more sensational than they really are. News channels have to complete with each other and try to make stories more dramatic that they really are. In the final analysis, they sell their product or service, or they fold. These sorts of lies and misinformation are here to stay. It's our responsibility to get verification of these stories so that we can make an informed judgement on what the truth really is. We can then make an informed judgement. But that's all it is a judgement. Two people can witness the incident and have diametrically opposed views on what they just witnessed.
One needs to use multiple sources to learn the truth (or as close to it as possible) about events. The mainstream media here does not normally portray the US in a negative light and is a big cheerleader for what we do. It does not want to be seen as unpatriotic. Patriotism and nationalism are strong values in the US.

(I am an American and think America is better than most countries at most things, however I do not think America is perfect, and I want us to improve. I know that because America is the biggest and strongest economically and militarily, there will always be those that dislike us. Our goal should be the constant improvement of our country and the world, and we should work with other countries to achieve those goals.)

Back to the media, I pay attention to Canadian and world news to get other perspectives. The local media does not address most national or international issues with any kind of depth. Maybe we have too short of an attention span in general. Americans do not have to work as closely with other countries the way Europeans do. We are much more isolated and are self-sufficient for the most part. That gives us a different outlook on the world.
the guerilla news network is another way to go for alternative (ie real news). if you watch the documentary Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism you'll see direct proof that media control and manipulation is not bullshit. when the various high level members of the government (including the president) say the exact same thing as the "anchors" of Fox News its a scary scary thing.
It's been happening forever -- media always has their own agenda, and they do whatever they can for that agenda.

Look at two news stories from Iraq from CNN and Fox. The CNN will have a negative attitude, while Fox will have a positive attitude. That is because CNN is liberal and Fox is conservative.
its not that the media have really an agenda. the colusion between media barons like rupert murdock and the real people that are controling the white house is something straight out of the communist/fascist playbook. when the white house and Fox news sings the exact same song (word for word) its straight up propaganda
ocalhoun wrote:
indianinworld wrote:
Media has always been a victim.

Media has always been a weapon, the victims are the ones who watch (listen et cetera) to the media and believe it.

If Media is not going to listen to what POWER says, then either Media will not exist or Media will be scr##ed up. Sad

Hope you understood, what POWER means Smile
Billy Hill
inphurno wrote:
when the white house and Fox news sings the exact same song (word for word) its straight up propaganda

Unless Fox says it first, I'd say if Fox said exactly what the white house said, that's just accurate reporting. Laughing
I am not sure about FOX because I don't get to watch it.

For CNN and BBC, I cannot be so sure.

BBC has a very transparent back stage process. You can write to the editor of a BBC programme and you will actually get a reply. Ditto for CNN, though a bit more delayed. They're thinking is different and you can get it from their mail. Although they really don't encourage email based discussions.

Both have their own fora for doing that.

It may look as though these two channels are controlled in some way by the Government but if you look at it with such a critical eye, you would wonder one day whether your whole life is orchastrated by the Govt,

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