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My blog has been around for sometime. But I would always like to hear about ways to improve, if the suggestions are right?

It's a blog with articles on paid posting services. As well as web reviews on directories, SEO sites and a few general items. It also has a directory as well which I have stuck a word cloud on, .

It would be great to hear some tips or ideas of improvements and or suggestions.
I think your blog looks nice. I tried Paid Posting some months back and earned more than $30 before I stopped. It just took too much of my time. It would be okay to post in a forum that I actually take interest in and also get paid but posting in forums that do not interest me simply for the sake of earning a few bucks gets tiresome after a period.

It would be helpful if there was a clear and obvious link on your site to any Paid Posting services that you have reviewed. I cannot see such a link at the moment.
I mainly don't do reviews. Although I have worked for more than 15 - 20 different services at any given time. I prefer some over others. I have even ran some of my own services as well. I mainly prefer to remain a freelancer to keep an unbiased opinion.

I do however have teamed up with someone who has a site that does reviews. The link in is in my blogroll. Our two sites pretty much can go hand in hand. I can or will write articles on paid posting services(pretty much will vary) he does an unbiased review of the services. His link is Paid Posting Reviews in my blogroll. He does the reviews, I write the articles. Otherwise it is/will be a big task for anyone person to do. Considering at any given time there are over 40+ services. At one time there was over 60.

At one time I had published and updated the listing of the paid posting services monthly. But I had found many people would list them in forums without any backlink to the site where they had found them at. Yes the information is free. But on the other hand the research is a long process. Many of the services are not listed in a search engine many times. So I have to visit many forums to find their websites.

So someday I will publish the paid posting listing again, I am just not sure when. But the reviews will be left to my friends site Paid Posting Reviews. He gets alot of visits from my site and vice versa from his site. So we do each a service. A big one to say the least.
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