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Barrera V Marquez

From the off this was a trading war, The 1st round proved to be a pace setter for the remainder of the fight although only just edged by barrera. Barrera won the opening four rounds with a slightly cleaner display but Marquez won the next 2.

The 7th proved contriversial. Marquez was clearily winning the round until in the last 10 seconds Barrera hit Marquez on the button with a crisp right putting him on the canvas but proceded to hit him again on the floor. Jay Naidy ruled it a no knock down and deducted a point from Barrera.
However, Barrera came back winning a couple more in a toe-to-toe fight.

Marquez won a couple also bring the fight to a close shave. The 12th round was decisive and the battle that ensued proved to be hard to call. The tapping for the last 10 seconds signalled the both fighters to let loose with their fists. A hard one to call.

The fight was close and hard to call and I won't call it but the judges gave a unanimous decision, all be it a close one to Marquez.

A great battle that deserves a rematch for it's sheer entertainment. I won't complain about the decision but the knock down call could have proved crucial. This will be remembered as another Barrera classic.
The decisions were not that close,
most of judges had Marquez up by about 4 points.
Making the no knockdown call irrelevant.

I agree with the judges.
Marquez had the more impressive punches.
Barrera's head was snapped back violently from blows every round.

The announcers were unduly biased for Barrera in first half of the fight.
He was not doing as well as they were calling it.
The judges scored wrongly in my opinion, I won't take away a victory to Marquez but by that score margin is criminal. Marquez won by a point, 2 points at the most.

Marquez did snap back barrera's head a few times but Barrera's punching was cleaner in my opinion... and he did put Marquez down.

A great fight whatever the opinion and Marquez won no doubt but at a closer margin... Anyway, what a hell of a tearup! Can't wait for the 2nd fight I think it may be schedualed for September.

How ever Calzaghe has to knock out that Manfredo first which shouldn't take to long, then hopefully either hook up a fight with Kessler or Hopkins
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