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[ Newbie; Makin pages, mySQL, PHP, etc ]

Greetings. Well I recently started to dab into web building and things like that. Ive used dreamweaver for a short time to make small pages, nothing tooooo fancy or cool.
Now Im starting to get intersted in MYSQL and PHP... And I thought Dreamweaver and making a webpage was hard!

Well like the topic says, Im a newbie that has some experence with web building. But when it comes to topics like PHP and mysql's and databases I get super confused.

Im just wondering..... How hard is it really make PHP and use mysql? Ive seen screen shots of each program in use and i havent the slightest idea what theyre used for, what they are supposed to do, why there important, and why they are so darn hard to figure out. LOL!

I know stuff like that makes life easier but maybe a more web savvy person could help me out with this stuff?
I would like to make a website for my gaming clan. Something that will display our server info. People playing on it. Vent info, people that are in the vent channels. Maps. Rosters, etc.
It seems like MySQL and PHP are the "programs" or "applications" that will allow me to make those things come true. But I dont know how to work 'em. Can someone teach me both programs?
If I were, I would use the resources online available to you to learn more on PHP/MYSQL. You'll learn through trial and error.

Good Luck and welcome to FriH
Well if you are going to be learning php I would say you should have a good foundation of HTML that will make it alot easier. I think PHP is pretty easy to learn and you can learn alot in a shoert period of time if you just really concentrate and practice it alot. SQL language is very like english. Once you learn the main words that you have to use like "SELECT,AND,*,FROM,UPDATE" you will be able to do lots of things with that.

I would recomend going to W3schools to learn the basics of PHP and MySql and then just google some PHP MySq ltutorials to learn more then you will be flying.

You shouldn't just read a big long tutorial and leave it at that. Practice is very important to help you remember what you learned and test yourself.

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[ Newbie; Makin pages, mySQL, PHP, etc ]
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