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Suns vs Mavs

Did anyone else see this game on ESPN? OMG I was blown away. No matter what the out come was that had to be one of the best NBA games EVER.
I think nash should get the MVP again for the 3rd time. Dirk played a awesome game but Nash all around caried his team. He shows how important he is to the suns, they were 1-4 with out him in the lineup and 11-1 with him in it.
I really hope they replay this game soon on ESPN classic or replay it SOMEWHERE! That game rocked!
I saw the was definitely a good one. I think one of the reasons it was so good was that both teams play a up tempo fun team scores and the other team is running it back down the court before the team that scored is ready to play defense. Nash had a great game but Stoudamire really impressed me showing he is back from his injury scoring 41 points with 12 rebounds or something.....he was a monster!!!!

I wouldn't be surprised to see these two teams battling in the western conference finals.
Maybe not the best game ever, but it was definately the most exciting matchup so far this season. I think Steve Nash did one hell of a job getting those 10 final points to tie the game to get the Suns into overtime. He actually out-scored Nowitzki and outplayed him when it mattered. To me, Steve Nash deserves the MVP again this season. That's right! A Three-peat! I'm not biased or anything, but when he was out with an injury, the Suns couldn't barely win games and with him back, he brought back the tempo for the team.
But come playoffs time, I can't wait to see these two face off against one another (If they actually do). But I know for sure that the Suns will want their revenge from last seasons Playoffs.
This game was called the 'Game of the Century' by some sportswriters, I wouldn't go that far, but it definitely is an instant classic. I don't care much for either team, but they really put on a show for the ESPN crowd. I don't think Nash will win MVP again, I think Dirk has it locked, but Steve Nash is right up there in the voting. I can't wait for the playoffs to start, I'm so amped for them. I think the Suns will be facing the Lakers, and it could be a great series once again like last year. I hope to see more games like this one in the playoffs, it would be one exciting playoffs this season
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