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What is the biggest lie that you have ever told?

I'll be right back-but I never came back. Laughing
Telling someone that I'm busy but actually i just didn't want to waste anymore time with them.
Then sometimes I would suddenly knock into them then I'd have to think of another excuse to tell them.
When my wife and I decided to quit smoking together, it was much harder for me than it was for her. She was successful in quitting, but I started again and I was ashamed for her to find out.

I continued to smoke and told her that I hadn't had a cigarette. Even though she was telling people like she was proud of me for quitting, I still continued to lie about it and smoke in secret, hoping that I would be able to quit again before she found out and then she would never know.

But then one night I got careless and smoked within 5 minutes of seeing her and she smelled it on me.

Definately wasn't worth it... She was crushed.
I have never told a lie !!!!!!.........oooops there I go again
Lying for me is like a comedy. I lie because I want to know how a person would react if what I was saying was true. Certainly, it's a joke but I don't tell that until few years later or another person is telling the truth.

Two days ago, for example, I told a friend that I had a baby 2 years ago, his dad left, I couldn't tell anyone because of shame and that after her birth, I gave her to an adoption service. My friend was really shocked and disappointed! I saw in her face that our friendship was really down! When she heard the truth by another friend, her face had really changed and she began to be nicer... So, you can know more about people, "friends" and so on when you are acting... Sometimes, it's surprising. Of course, fortunately I've mastered all the stories I created Wink
oh no not again my sweet hart.believe me i have no relation
with ex girlfriend.
Hi Dear, As you know, I never lied before and never does now.
LOL! I always figured that most people where lying sacks of ...well, you know. Now I know it it true! Laughing

Seriously, I think the biggest lie I've told since reaching adulthood was my telling my boss I was sick when I was really only sick and tired of him! Not that I am any more moral than anyone else, it's just that I am a terrible liar and got caught continually as a kid. Telling the truth, or something close, is much easier on me.
Internet. Pornography. Don't even try to deny that, if you're a guy, you're not exactly broadcasting this fact to your dear old mum
Well... lying is not that easy for me although i did once to my GF saying that i never been with a girl before her... which wasn't true. Anyways - forgetting about what i said or what i lied about - lying is not the proper way to pass things.

Note: I told the truth to my GF and nothing happened between us. She was understanding and that wasn't expectable from her but it has gone peacefully.
I have had experience with liars. Not one, not two but three of the biggest pathalogical liars I have ever known. I personally have never lied about anything serious. I have lied the little lies that everyone does such as my real hair color etc.. but nothing big and I am proud of it. These liars I speak of live in a world they have just created for themselves full of lies they tell themselves...well at least two of them do. Luckily one of the liars has seen a better way to live and is making his life better.
Biggest lie: I never lie!!! Very Happy
Well it's coming up to new year... which brings me back to last new year.

My ex gf cldnt see me (she was my gf at the time)..
My friend, her bf didnt wanna see her cuz he had a head ache.. (poor excuse)..

So i went round to keep her company, and we had a bit to drink.. Took her virginity, sleep at her house... and my ex still thinks i only popped round for an hour =[ ..

But so does friend's bf (ex-bf now tho) .. so i dont feel so bad.

Also i once asked if my english teacher if she thought it was morally correct to punish someone for something they didnt do... She said no... n i said good, cuz i didnt do my english coursework...
She didnt find it funy, and i had to stop back at school every day untill it was finnished. Grrrr.

Infact thats not even lie :/ .. nevermind.
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