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What is your biggest fears?

I'm alone alot... i don't know my fear yet the only way i think ill find it is if i actually come acrossed it for he first time... i don't know Razz
I fear big meat eating animals such as lions and tigers. Not those in the zoo because they're behind cages.
But if I were to be directly in front of one without bars, then I'd be so freaked out.
If someone asked me to marry them..I'd say NO..unless he was of course a sugar daddy Laughing
Subsonic Sound
For interpersonal fears - seeing the ones I care about in trouble/danger, and being powerless to help. I have nightmares about that...

And personally, amnesia, or similar loss of mental faculties. Before my great aunt died, she couldn't even recognise the people who took care of her every day, and she'd ask the same questions over and over.

Aging to the point where you've forgotten who you are, and can't recognise your surroundings... I would quite honestly rather die.
Fear is just a distress we feel for impending danger. The way I see it, if it is a real danger, you should do something about reducing the danger. If you can't do anything, what good is fear? All it does is make you suffer from the danger more than just from the toll of the outcome itself. So, I don't think we spend much time fearing a real danger, something that we know will happen. We spend that time making preparations to deal with it if we can.

Instead, I think we fear the unknown. We fear the danger we can't calculate or that is uncertain. We fear it because we don't know how to deal with it or prepare for it because we don't even know what it is yet. But again, if fear is causing you distress and it isn't helping you to affect your outcome (it doesn't help in the case of the unknown danger), then why give in to it?

Very simply said, but hard to do--ignoring fear is a daily challenge. Maybe it's better to simply remember that fear only serves us well if it inspires us to do something to better our lot. If you can't do anything about it or aren't sure what you're afraid of, that's the time to say "I'm not gonna be afraid."

I put this into use in my own life by stomping on spiders. Can't stand 'em.
DYing virgin!! jaja just joking! But it would be really bad!
my biggest fear would be losing my children. I want them to live long happy lives and I do have fears that something would happen to prevent that. Nothing in particular, just a parent's worry.
Ok biggest fear. I would have to say that it would probably the Russians. Evil or Very Mad . They already came after estonia a few times...nothing stops them from coming back.

As for personal things my biggest fear would probably finding out someone i love had a disease like AIDS or cancer that would kill them slowly.
my biggest fear is that of being eaten by a toothless zombie!!!
My biggest fear are dogs, big dogs.
Otherwise, I am fearless.
Losing all my self-confidence.
That's something that I fear, failure so hard that I lose all my self-confidence and die somewhere whiny and lonely.
biggest fear..... now it's that my relationships with my girlfriend is being disclosed to her parents by somebody... somebody who hates me a lot.....
when someone i love and fully trust would left me instantly...
and loving someone...coz it is pain in my heart i would recieve...
I have no real fears in my normal every day life. If I had, I'd try to adjust my way of life so I wouldn't have them.
to see people come somewhere , steal, kill, massacre, murder, rape, destroy...when they are done sit alltogether on the mountain of cadavres and make a huuuge party and scream to the world, we brough peace and demecracy here, we are heroes, you should love us.... And not being able to do anything, let alone speak, cause if you speak againt the defenders of demecracy, the democratic masses are gonna lynch you...

This is my bigest fear, and I am living it...
My biggest fear is wiithout fear. Very Happy Laughing Wink
Truthfuly my biggest fear was getting turned down, now truthfuly after my friend just died a few days ago, I am living life to the fullest!! You do not have very long on the earth so enjoy life and have fun with it dont fear it or anything that comes at you, EMBRASE IT!!! "If your not living life on the edge, your taking up to much room" My friende always told me that, i will remeber it for the rest of my life!! We were best friends since we were 3 years old and now we still are!! I Miss you buddy!!
It depends on the subject.

as far as relationships go (because this is in the relationships forum right now) ... It's complicated.

I am afraid that somebody will date me out of pitty. I am afraid that my friends are only my friends out of some sense of charity... as if they don't like me for who I am, but they hang out with me in an attempt to make me feel like i've lived a good life when I pass away. I am afraid of that. And, taking that fear further, I am deathly afraid of being the cat-lady when I get older.

... you know her. that one miserable, lonly lady who has 50 cats in her appartment and smells like cottage cheese? Her. I'm afraid of becoming HER. I love cats, don't get me wrong, but... I don't want to be -like that- when i'm older... I at least want to be able to play bridge or cribbage or some old-person game with some of my next-door neighbors when i'm old as dirt.
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