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Fire Fighters

Well i'm thinking about joining my local vollenteer station. I hang there a lot (a lot of my friends are firefighters and all) and i've already been considered one (story below) Well what i'm wanting to know is if there are any fire fighters on here what they would reccomend. And i would like to hear some storys on it and all. Just so i know if i should join or not. Like i want to know what it takes and all.

Now i was considered a fire fighter the other day right. Well heres how it happend. My friend and I where going out to play airsoft. He works for the local FD. Well where at an intersection getting ready to turn to go get some gas and all. The next thing i know his pager is going off followed by the siren that alerts the town pretty much. Well he asks if i don't mind waiting at the station for a bit. So i say know. Well he flips on his turn single and cuts in front of a car and crosses the intersection. Well from there he turn on his lights and we go flying down the street. Meanwhile people are getting out of our way and all. So we get to the station and the rescue already leaves. So us two are staning there alone waiting to see if he is needed. Well then two more others come and all. Then a GRS call comes in (for non fire fighters a GRS call is basicly where they do medical assistance and all.) Well the one guy asked my friend if he was an emt. He said no that he was a first responder. Well he said no we have 4 up here but no emt. Well really there was only 3 fire fighters. So me and my friend start cracking up. Then he goes to see if they need him to run that run. Well he didn't and so we waited a little more untill the rescue got back. So i guess i would have got to go on a run even though i'm not a fire fighter Razz

I find the story pretty funny even thought you guys probley dont.
Haha, cool. Firefight is a great job I belive, my dream job as a child.
Same here. I like to live up to my dreams too so i hope to accomplish this. Also i wrote a detailed story about what happened. Read it on my blog
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