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A reason to love Calvin and Hobbes


In case you needed it, here is another reason to love Calvin and Hobbes… So simple and yet so obviously logical.
"An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world is blind.” - Mahatma Gandhi
hi there,

Calvin and Hobbes is just....eternal. A fantastic and fun cartoon always with some kind of message behind it. I have some books myself an once in a while i like to peek one or two strips....really good to keep the mood up Razz

Stay Cool!
Calvin. Sweet and Simple.
Hobbes. Sweet and Simple.

Calivin & Hobbes. Too Sweet, Too Simple.

I love that cartoon strip in The Hindu Metro. Smile

Calvin & Hoobes make me smile every morning.

And make me think every morning.
Makes me want to find my old books full of their strips. Calvin and Hobbes were so thought provoking, but yet simple at the same time. Ahhh, great stuff.

I myself have several of the Calvin and Hobbes books... mostly acquired from my husband, but I quickly became more of a fan after reading a bit. My sister-in-law even named her son Calvin in honor of Calvin and Hobbes... which is just wicked awesome.
Erethakbe Very Happy

I loved the winters comics, where calvin creates a lots of snowmans...
I absolutely love Calvin and Hobbes, I only wish I could pick the mind of the writer, though it is well documented that he is reclusive.

Fair enough the man gifted us with this work of art, he should be granted privacy....but I can wish.
I discovered calvin and hobbes one year ago. It became my favorite books!! Those stories show us the innocence of chilhood mixed with intelligence. If you read between the lines, you can see serious can make you laugh and think at the same time.
I like the story when they find a little ill animal: they call calvin's mother to save him but the animal dies during the night. Calvin cries and says something like "i've known you just a few years ago but you'll stay forever in my heart". it is sincere and so delicate...
One of the things that I most respect Mr Watterson for is that he stood for strong rights for cartoonists. For instance, in the modern day, most comic strips - especially the merchandising rights - are owned by the syndicate that publishes the cartoon, not the creator. It's really disappointing. Watterson spoke out against that. He also was very responsible for changing the way that comic strips were printed by the newspaper so they'd be able to change the flow and become more fluid. He was a huge pioneer and took himself out of the game when he wanted instead of just trying to hang out because there was lots of money out there.
What ever happened to Watterson, has he ever done anything besides Calvin and Hobbes, or is he fully retired? I have not heard anything about him in years...
natem wrote:
What ever happened to Watterson, has he ever done anything besides Calvin and Hobbes, or is he fully retired? I have not heard anything about him in years...

You know, I don't really know. There really isn't much attributed to him aside from Calvin and Hobbes - Wikipedia says he had written poetry but that much of it was included in his works (a.k.a. C&H).
i have always loved calvin and hobbes
in dutch they are called casper and hobbes btw
i first saw them when i was on a skitrip with a group of other kids
in the girl toilets they had hanged his comics with the snowmen on the walls and all
prob an odd way to hang them but still
fell in love this the comic from then on
still love his snow episodes the most
they always remind me of that time
just wishing that there would be enough snow here so i could make my own snowman in true calvin style
would be fun
anyone ever did that?
Calvin & Hobbes are pure philosophy.

They always have a point of view simple and natural.

The most fun part is when Calvin father try to evolve to Calvin with fantastic stories and explanations.

I consider that Calvin & Hobbes are part of a humanistic movement, they are not only a simple cartoons, they are a kind to explain the life that all live. Cool
Hey all,

Calvin and Hobbes are some of the best comics you can find. They're fun, simple and get the point across. I had a friend who read and loved Calvin and Hobbes growing up while I was more or less into Garfield, which is another great comic series. Anyways, the philosophical views in the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip are very similar to the Philosophers John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes (no surprise there really). Anyways, I've said enough so you guys all take it easy......

Keep it real....
I grew up reading comics and Calvin and Hobbes was one of them. My mum used to collect the comic pages out of the newspapers every Sunday and bind them up into these huge books - from I think about 1996 through to 2001 or so she did it! I have one Calvin and Hobbes compilation book which I've read a few times as well as the Sunday strips when I think about it.
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