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Maximum the Hormone

Maximum the Hormone is a japanese band (I think it's heavy metal - or something very similiar to System of a Down) that I started to listen to.

Their music is somewhat crazy and very heavy. How did I listened to them? Well, when I was watching an anime called "Death Note" - the episode 20 presented new Opening and Ending (Opening - "What's up People" and Ending - "Zetsubou Billy").

The amount of craziness is raising when you will watch their music videos.

Here are music videos of What's up People and Zetsubou Billy (that's not Death Note opening - it's THEIR music video - to not confuse you). - What's up People?! - Zetsubou Billy [Despair, The Billy]

I think it's a cool, crazy band. I like those music videos - they are diffrent from normal japanese videos, which are boring and weird.
Oh, so that's the band who sings the new Death Note OP and EDs? I'm not really in heavy metal rock so I can't say I like them that much. However, their songs are kind of catchy and crazy so I'll give them points for that. =D
Pretty cool, I liked the last song you listed. The first one didn't work, do you have another link?
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