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Has anyone seen this show? I'm a big fan of rallies and I can not stand Reality TV. I guess I love rallies more than I hate reality TV. It's Hosted by Bill Goldberg. They have 12 teams racing cross country to try to win 200,000 in the end.

They started the series from Montana and ended the first episode in Seattle.
I like the format. the episode showed two legs of the race. and in between the legs, the Number 1 and number two teams each get to choose two other teams to compete in a contest. the loser get the longer time of the two competing teams. so if you are dead last. and the top teams would choose you and say the 3rd place team hoping you would beat them in the contest and swap places.

Oh and i forgot to mention, they have one of two routes to take a mapped Highway route. or a route all their own "My Way". Once they choose one on that leg of the race, they have to stay with it. They were told that there was definitely a faster route than the highway. The writers must have loved using "My Way or the Highway" kinda cheesy but you had to grin at Goldberg saying it. When the teams choosing to go their own way stopped at (i guess) the only gas station in town. One of the teams bought all of the maps of Idaho. which was where the first destination was. I thought is was clever, but they were too stupid to read the maps anyway.

Anyway, the premise of the show was pretty good. got to see some nice cars. It's on Tuesdays on Spike @10PM. If you like this show or just have an opinion share it. and let me know if you know of any other rally shows. Not WRC or anything like that, a Cross country rally like this or Gumball.
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