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Best Concert Moments/Stories

What's everyone's best concert stories?

Here's mine:

Me and my friend Buddha were at Ozzfest 2000 in Saratoga Springs, NY. We were walking around the grounds, and we were approached by a strange hippie with a slight british accent asking if we had any shrooms. We didn't, but later we saw the same hippie onstage introducing Static-X.....turns it the hippie was Ozzy Osbourne dressed up and mingling in the crowd!!

Same concert, later on after the ozzy incident, we were standing around debating what stage to go to next when a golf cart with 2 guys screamin and yellin and throwin booze all over the place started circling around us, turns out those guys were Dimebag Darryl and the drummer for Pantera!!
At the K festival (Cornwall, England) me and my friends were standing at the gate waiting to go in, having a chat with the security guard. He was a bit of a legend and was asking us how drunk we were planning on getting etc!

Here's the good part, this guy all dressed up like a tramp quite obviously drunk with a guitar over his shoulder walks up and asks to be let through.
He says "I'm with a band but i got kicked off the tour bus". This security guard on the gate was obviously strugglin to keep a straight face but after a lot of ranting and slurred sentences and despite the rather unconvincing story he was let in and later on that night we saw him on stage with the headlining act!
The Mitchell
A silver mt zion in manchester mint lounge they asked the entire front of the crowd to sit down so the back could see. i was sat right at the front about 2 foot away from the band. I tried to light my cig but my lighter wasnt working so Sofie Trudeau (violinist of asmz and godspeed you! black emperor) handed me her lighter.
I have 2.

31st Oct. 2003 I went to see Evanescence in Manchester, UK. After the rudimentry "back up" bands, there was a slight delay, and then out came Amy Lee playing the piano to THE Hallowe'en (movie) theme tune.

OK - not "amazing" but still, very impactive and the crowd reacted so superb - amazing atmosphere.

Then 3 weeks later, Nov 21st, I went to see Linkin Park in Manchester. After they got well into the act, they did the normal "interacting" with the crowd. A few people were chosen from the front standing row to help with a song (One Step Closer)... Mike then commented on my hair - which was blue at the time, which got me on stage next to them.

Now that was f***ing awesome.
best music story? meeting my hero patti smith at her exhibition opening in new york, while i was on holiday!
high five Shocked Very Happy
Cedar Speeder
In terms of the concerts themselves, I'd say the ones that I remember loving most were John Frusciante at the Edge in Toronto (Feb. 2001) and when I was in high school I saw Moist play a couple times, and I've always thought they were tremendous live. Also, almost forgot: Sigur Ros at Massey Hall in Toronto were really impressive.

I've been lucky enough to see a bunch of my favourite bands live, but I find that there's definitely a difference between the bands I like from recordings and those I like live.
So many. But I will talk about the last, that was one of the best, indeed.

THE EVENS @ SESC Vila Mariana, Brazil, 2007.03.28

Ian Mackaye (former Fugazi, Minor Threat) has a great live attitude. As security don't let people take pictures, he allow everybody to do it. And he talks a lot, as her partner, Amy Farina (Karate's Geoff Farina sister) complains about him to talk so much... hahahaha

He explains every single song before them play it, so everybody understand what is going about. And, at a certain moment of the show, he insists everybody sing with him, after all that's a "PUNK ROCK SHOW!".

He understand brazillians can't get Evens' CDs easily as the people sings in every song with him. So, he obviously concludes that almost everybody downloaded their albums... And he thanks everybody for doing that, because "this is what music is about... To make it and to everybody listening to".

It seems a pretty normal show, but it has a really good energy. You see the guy making exactly what he did his whole life: good music for good people. You have to watch it to understand... Wink (fan MySpace)
DragonForce 06:

My mate hadn't turned 18 yet so he tried to change his D.O.B. on his license coz he didn't wanna miss DragonForce for the world. Anyway.. he did a good job changing the year number.

So we line up.. I get through then I see the bouncer scratching the top of old mates license and i hear this "This has been doctored brother!" "You're not going in"

I step out of the club to join my mate.. At this time we are confused as what to do next (I could of just went in and watched while he stayed outside lol)

But we saw an open door to the club just a few metres away from the main entry, so we stealthed our way in there taking some hundred year old elevator up to some other section of the club. We hid from a few security guards roaming around in the shadows and in a toilet.

We heard ZP Theart warming up his voice a few doors down from us. I wish we busted in on him and got some autographs or something!

Before we knew it we made our way onto the concert floor.
Was an awesome sneak in. I'll never forget it![/u]
well i might have had one from Taking Back Sunday and UnderOath and Armor For Sleep, but its going on now and i'm not there
my friend who was giving me a ride couldnt go, so i didnt have a way to get there
Last year, Opeth played in my home-town, and at the time I was a complete fangirl. During one of the opening bands, I grabbed a poster out of my pocket, along with a Sharpie that I just happened to have in case I met them, and I wrote on the back of the poster, "Give me your pick, Mikael". So, after Opeth's second or third song, I held up the sign so Mikael Åkerfeldt could see it (which wasn't hard since I was standing directly in front of him). He stopped talking, took a while to read my horrible handwriting, walked over to the edge of the stage without saying anything, and handed me the guitar pick that he had been using. To make it even better, he then walked back to the microphone and said (pointing to me), "She's smart. She made a sign that says 'give me your pick, Mikael'. And you know what I think of that? I think it's f***ing great!". And yes, those were his exact words. So I was very happy.
Nothing amazing but I went to see Bloc Party a few weeks back. My friend said his parents bought us tickets but they didn't, they thought we could at the door. It was sold out but the 6 of us ended up getting enough tickets from people and we got to see it. It was pretty cool.
Nothing too special, but a week ago I was at a folk metal concert featuring Elexorien, Kromlek and Ensiferum... and it was just freaking awesome. A lot of people had the black stripes (warpaint) on their face like it should be (me and my group of friends as well of course haha!). That was just cool.
I checked out Tool this past summer on their 10,000 Days tour. Probably one of the most mind-blowing shows I've ever been to, both musically and visually.

The stage, both floor and backdrop, was made up of giant screens, they had lasers, big lighting rigs and too many more details to remember. Plus they didn't miss a note.

And it was extremely loud.
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