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Cricket World Cup 2007

Well the World Cup has started in the West Indies. What is a great festival of sports actually started off for me with a nightmare.
Pakistan, my country, my team has lost the opening game against hosts West Indies.
The Windies were better though.
Pakistan missing a lot of key players such as Shoaib Akhtar, Mohammad Asif and Shahid Afridi. Not to mention Abdul Razzaq.
Well i hope they do better in their next game.
Share your views on the world cup.
I think this World Cup willl not go to Australia but may be to South Africa.

They are loking like they are the tough competitors this time.

India is not that far either. Wink
It's an open competition and will come down to who can step up at the right time. That's when you need to look at teams who have special players who can do that.
Crickets sounds interesting, still not a very big sport as far as I have seen. You will probably make me eat those words Razz
its too early to say who will will the cup, bt i support my own country India!!
I think Australia will play the final against India.
Don't rule out Sri Lanka though. They will be as agressive as ever.
I don't think England willdo very good, it'd be good for bermuda to win Smile make cricket more exciting wouldnt it?
After yesterday the inform team seams to be... Ireland!!! Irealnd? since when have they played cricket? But credit where credit is due they beat Pakistan and put a good show on against Zimbabwe.

England though, well they could have nicked that game if they just could plug those mad moments when their batting and feilding momentarily collapses.

C'mon both Western European countries and good luck to Scotland who I do belive will be flying home soon.
Guys... and now answer me - why don't you post in the similar topic in the Sports forum?
It's just spam.
My heart is in tatters.
Pakistan lost the world cup but more importantly, they lost Bob.
A nice man, great coach but with a difficult job to coach Pakistan with stars like shoaib akhtar and afridi in it. These are all strong caracters and very difficult to handle.
But Bob did a great job.

Thanks Bob and rest in peace
I dont know where international cricket is heading to after was revealed that bob was killed.
all that for money probably.
I don't know what to say. Our beautifull sport has been infected Crying or Very sad
I havent been staying up-to-date on this cricket match but the last news i heard was that india lost against pakistan and the coach died or something. not sure if thats true.... not much of a cricket fan but the sport itself is fun playing.

so who is playing next in the world cup? who won last game?
Pretty interesting world cup already. India and Pakistan out already... and Ireland and Bangladesh through! Who would have guessed it?

Yes, a shame about Bob Woolmer. Hopefully they can bring those responsible to justice.
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