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The Amazing Race 11: All Stars

The Amazing Race returns to US television on 18th February with teams from past seasons.

US airdate/episode title listing

Kevin & Drew
Joe & Bill
Oswald & Danny
John Vito & Jill
Teri & Ian
Charla & Mirna
Uchenna & Joyce
Rob & Amber
Eric & Danielle
David & Mary
Dustin & Kandice

A lot of memorable teams returning - Kevin and Drew, Charla and Mirna!
I am pissed off because Rob and Amber got eliminated. They were my fav.

Also there was one team which did well allthrough out the season and lost in the finals (much like Romber) - I cant remember their names. They should have been also here.
The all starts has some really weak racers.


1. On their last Leg, when Rob & Amber were eliminated, "Spelling" was NOT specified as important in the Detour clue, contrary to what Phil said in the voice over. Instead, the "direction" of the arrows were said to be important, but Phil's voice over said it wasn't.

Rob said, "The first thing with the spelling... I had no idea that it had to be spelled properly. They never gave us instructions about that. They just conveniently put a voice over with Phil saying that after the fact. But it’s not written in any of the clues that we had." Moreover, "[Phil said] direction didn’t matter, but it was actually written the opposite way in the clue – that the direction did matter. So there’s some confusion still as to what did happen there. If you look at Uchenna & Joyce’s clues, the way they wrote their words, they were illegible. How can you say it’s spelled properly? It was illegible on freeze frame. We just found out all of this last night!" (They watched last Sunday's episode at John Vito's place.) They "did not realize until [they] watched the show that the spelling was the issue with the Detour."

The interviewer probed further, "You said that until last night, you didn’t realize that the spelling was the problem, since it wasn’t on the clue. So you didn’t know to double-check your spelling?"

Rob replied, "We didn’t know. I actually made a conscious statement at that time, 'I hope it’s not something like spelling,' and it did turn out to be spelling. No, it was not written anywhere that it had to be spelled properly. And I understand it does, you know? But –

"We didn’t know that," Amber interjected.

Then, Rob continued, saying, "And from what I saw last night on the TV, there were other boards, from Uchenna & Joyce, because they’re the only team that completed that [Detour task]. And you look at it, it’s –"

"You couldn’t read it! Let alone know if it was spelled right," Amber finished his sentence.

So, now, the interviewer has found something that might be a cause for yet another CONTROVERSY! "Since it wasn’t on the clue that spelling mattered, do you think it was fair to be... well, what set your elimination up was that clue," the probe went on.

Rob responded, "Like I said, there’s still a lot of questions about that and we’re trying to figure that out. We’re talking to different people. We’re trying to figure it out, but clearly if we had been on the first flight, I don’t think we would have been eliminated. I can make a strong case against that. We basically went from first place to last place because of a spelling error and because of, you know, basically that task. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens."

2. Another issue that SHOULD be investigated -- Rob never found their letter in their bag! He found it on someone else's table (way after Charla & Mirna had already finished crossing the Finish Line, he figured).

(Yesterday, on "Live with Regis & Kelly," he said that the gap between their check-in at the pit stop and Charla & Mirna's was much bigger than what they showed.) -- That's why they weren't running or rushing anymore.

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