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my blog for web deisgners


hi i just started a blog for webdesigners/ developers, where i will be posting use ful topics and html/css, php/mysql examples.

more topics and examples are coming in next days.
very nice. Like the layout. Your CSS menu is cool ;o)
Nice site keep up the good work. It is always great to give a little code. I like the css menus.
{name here}
Thumbs up for giving the webmasters a good example of how to code a template.
nice layout, liked it. keep up the good work!
I like your website especially the layout Very Happy
Whell, the design is good easy to imprese visitators but you have to work on more posts. Add more useful things on the sidebar and start promovating it over the search engines. The most important thing is to have content!
Good luck with your new website!
Cool design. Nice and simple. Nice color combo too.

I like the CSS menu.

You don't have much of contents over there, so can't comment on that. But your design is simple and good.
really nice blog site. very useful tips you have on it. keep up the good work
Great! I like it's thank you!

: )
wat you need is content in the website for now. overall the design is very good and clean. i appreciate the layout. good going.
simple and clear. what i really like looking into blogs these days is that the design is simple, not so intricate and colorful or complex but simply clear and elegant. your site have those characteristics. keep up the good work, but put more content. its what attract viewers. Very Happy
hi all,

thanks all of you for your valuable comments on my blog, i just started this blog some days ago and right now bussy with a project. i will be posting more content on this blog from next week,

keep checking more content is coming soon
Nice site with lots of useful information. I think you have of would have many clients Wink
that subtle blue background is amazing, such a little thing makes such a huge impact on your site. Thats really impressive. Also your guides look quite well put together, not something that was thrown together in like 5 seconds. Good job on that Smile
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