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Deep Freeze

I just thought I would mention that Faronics' Deep Freeze is a really cool program, especially for educational environments. We use it at the school I work for, and it has greatly reduced virus problems and the like.

What it basically does is holds a hard drive image if the computer is "frozen." Any changes made are temporary, and when the computer restarts, it is rolled back to its pristine state that the administrator has set. If changes need to be made and held, the computer may be "thawed" and then frozen again.

I like this program so much that I use it on my own computer with a separate partition set aside for documents. So far I haven't had any viruses or worms creep into that other partition. Ideally you want to have network drives mapped that will hold any documents that must stay.

Has anyone else used this program that cares to comment?

i'm using drive vaccine, this program seem like have the same effect. is it free? drive vaccine cost $39.95
No. Deep freeze runs about the same price, but it's worth its weight in gold.

i downloaded deep freeze to try it. it got too much setting/option. with drive vaccine, just select the drive.

i'll stick with drive vaccine because it's easier to use.

They must have made some changes in the new version. The older version was quite simple: select volume, set password, and freeze! What exactly do they have in the new version?

Thanks for your interest!

Sounds like an interesting program, may have to take a look and see if it could be useful to me at home.
The only thing you have to watch out for is that Deep Freeze is mainly designed for networks, where a person saves the files they want to keep to a network drive. If they are saved to the hard drive while it is frozen, they will be lost! The only way around this on a standalone workstation is to partition the hard drive and freeze only the system volume. That way you can save all your documents to the other volume and they will stay, but any changes to the OS will be eradicated on restart.

The pro version of Deep Freeze also offers something called "Thaw Spaces" that allow the administrator to establish a virtual volume of sorts that will also retain the documents after reboots. I don't use the pro version, though. Very Happy

Hope this helps!

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