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Baldmen - Turn on OR Turn off?

Simple question, do you people thing a man being bald reduces his atractiveness or adds to it? is bald best or is bald bad? Just curious what other people think.

I have a mate whos had to shave his head due to hair loss and thinks its affecting his "chances". I have no problem with it myself, but I can't see it making much of a diffrence.
i think its more of a turn off than a turn on
some men can carry the bald look -- in fact, some young boys go deliberately bald just to look cool, or tough. (think basketball players and some music artists and actors.)

if it's the old guy balding look, however, i don't really go for it. i love my men with hair. Razz
fat and bald with glasses turnoff Very Happy
some woman have their own taste...

tt is why i don get why woman always think they are not pretty enoough..

there are some men out there whose taste basically can be easily fallen for them..
To me it depends on the guy.

Some guys do not look good and then there are some that look absolutely delicious

Like Captain Picard - Patrick Stewart on Star Trek and Howie Mandell.
Cool Turn On-what I wouldn't do to have Vin Deisel for a day! ;o) I heard he likes blondes too... Wink
Interesting topic!

come on girls you people have to answer this question.
molif wrote:
some woman have their own taste...

tt is why i don get why woman always think they are not pretty enoough..

there are some men out there whose taste basically can be easily fallen for them..

Agreed! I have dated and known women who felt that a certain feature of theirs was very unattractive and that one feature was what drew me to them in the first place! People are different and tend to find different thing ugly and beautiful....thank god!

But bald men? Turn off for me...but it's more the "man" part than the "bald" part!. Wink
Usually I prefer them with hair. But some black guys is very handsome bald. White fat people should keep their hair on... (if possible). Tanned people should be equally tanned on their head where the hair was (if they shaved the head).
If you love someone it doesn't matter whether they have hair or not.....
My partner has had minimal hair since I met him when he was 22 and I couldn't care less.....
The BIG no no is long hairs combed over the bald patch (that flap in the wind you know what I mean) that's a real ewww...
Bald or not, I dont mind.
NONONO combovers. please.

I think it's generally a turnoff, unless the guy looks a bit like Vin Diesel (mmm...yummy). And Terry O'Quinn even pulls it off. Oh, and dear god, how could I forget David Anders? Admittedly, he looked better with hair, but the buzz cut worked well too. But he's David Anders. </tangent> Bald requires a certain element of toughness that most men don't quite have, but if they do, it works, big time. Smile

Also, bald can work, especially if he can carry off an intellectual conversation. Smile

But if he decided to go bald, make sure he either has the body or the brain- preferbly both to match.
Depends upon what the hair looks like grown.

My husband has a receeding hair line. He has been shaving his head close to bald for about a year now. It looks a hell of a lot better than the bald spots. I have another friend that had the bald on top with hair around the edges thing going on. He finally shaved his head. He looks years younger now and far more attractive.
I'm getting bald my self, because of hereditary reasons, although I love seeing my self with hair, and try some products now and then to delay the bald effect.

I know that I will get bald sometime in the future, and I know that when that happens I'm gona shave it all. there's no way I'm gonna go around with just a piece of hair covering the rest of the head :s

I'll just have to adapt my style so that I still look good when I'm bald.

Ow man that image of the piece of hair flapping on the wind is on my head now XD ghaaaa
well, it's got to be more a trurn-off than a positive thing Very Happy
but then once again, in many people's heads, bald people are supposed to be more masculine. What I personnally think is hat, one you are bald, one can really see the real face you have, and the traits of the face are determining your chances. It yo have a flaky punch-ball face, no way you're gonna get madonna, but if you have a strong masculine face, and even a delicate one, with beautiful eyes, then, you might well be on a good run Very Happy
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