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Which hobby..?

I'd love to paint a picture that I'd be proud enough to hang in my house.
I'd also love to write a novel.
... and I'd love to learn the piano.

Naturally,these things take time, lots of time, so I sit on the sofa and think sod it, I'll surf the web and watch TV.

Bit sad really.
My fovourite hobby is agriculture, but I dont have enough time for it Sad
I would love to do alot of things, but time dosn't allow everything I want to do, and some things also need cash wich I don't always have. But I do have things I love to do and relaxes me, so whenever I can't handle what goes on I would sit hours and draw, just to relax myself (but I draw even if I am relaxed).
favorite hobby?? sitting on the computer... and listening to muzic...

anywayz, its cricket and reading tech magazines
My favorite hobby would be music. I like listening to music, playing music, and sometimes composing music. Music just seems to revolve around my life and without music, life would be so boring and meaningless. Laughing
speaking about the time... right, can't agre more - our day isn't made of rubber and we cannot just make it bigger or smaller when we need it... but what i've noticed is that the more things you have to do, the more things you are able to do in the same time!
i guess, if i didn't have to do so much, i would really do nothing, burning my precious time... that would be sad and when i was old, i wouldn't have smth to remember from my life...
however life could be so hectic, that we don't have an opportunity to look around and watch the things heppening around us...
sometimes there are really sooo much things to do, that in stead of starting doing them one by one you think "oh, i don't have enough time to do all of them anyway, so i'd better watch TV of smth.." - that's your case, hunterm, as far as i understood it... in this case you should really start one and while doing it, you'll get what you need to do next and what you need from your life at all....
so good luck with that! Wink
KellaDayne wrote:
"oh, i don't have enough time to do all of them anyway, so i'd better watch TV of smth.." - that's your case, hunterm, as far as i understood it... in this case you should really start one and while doing it, you'll get what you need to do next and what you need from your life at all....

I quite agree.
I basically go up to my electronic piano when there's nothing I like on TV, as opposed to browsing the internet, and now I'm starting to notice a difference in my ability.

I suppose I could spend a couple of hours painting during the weekend, then over the weeks and months I should be able to have a finishe work of art Wink

The problem I have is that I'm impatient and don't like having to spend time getting stuff done. I'd rather be able to knock out a painting in an afternoon.

Ho Hum.
my hobby?Its programming all the time and listening to music,Playing stratergy games.I hate studying,and to attend lectures
I love riding with horses. And I also take care of them, and I have also dog Smile AND I go to sport two times at week Wink Sorry for my bad english :'>
I just bouhgt a new camera... and i`d love tu pictures me and put my photo i mmy houseª!!! that would be great!!!
My favorite hobby would be sleeping and listening to music.. Very Happy Very Happy
thinking of time, I would suggest that you go with the painting.. a good painting should grow, take weeks to finish it, whenever u feel inspired to create, when u get an idea.. let it stand in a room where you often are so you always see it, just ad a single stroke when u can and feel that it's right..

I imagine that for example piano is much harder to do when u lack time.. since u kinda have to sit down and work with it.. u cant just hit the tangents a few times and evolve very fast like that.. but with the painting u can Smile

anyways, was just my 2 cents on the matter..

gl m8! Smile
my favorite hobbies are surfing the net, listening to music, and eating~ xD i love food.
i generally like to watch football
matches. I especially like to watch
manchester united play. I also like
to watch Formula1. Mika Hakkinen
was my fav. Now its Raikkonen.
I watch a lot of tv. I have my own
collection of famous series like
friends, that 70s show ... i occasionally
watch discovery, NGC ... i like to
cook to Embarassed especially when i
am hungry ... i ve experimented
with fishes and plants ... but couldnt
handle 'em.
So thats just about it! Smile
exploring the cyberworld to the deepest level is just as great and interesting as anyother hobby on the planet is, to my opinion!
Have been up to same hobby, for last 5 years, and i have just realised that there is an all new world in this little piece of technology!
enter the programming line, and see how the powers to control all the actions of this little machine fascinate you,
Go to the graphics category and be inspired by the spell of vectors and colors
and many more like hardware configurations, web designing, databases, internet etc etc!!
simply! computers can prove to be a great hobby as they did to me personally!
Recently, I'm having the hobby of such searching, searching, searching, of anything and everything on the net with no basis in mind. How weird is that? XD
My hobbie is learning new photoshop techniques, and make flash videos, and on the side learn about javascript coding
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