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sexually promiscuous

i seriously do not get it. why some people do this. maybe most? if not all??? i am an ignorant at this. discussions dealing with everyday promiscuous adventures usually occurs between people of the same gender- a rare sight these days since most cliques are a mixture of both. but when you unfortunately get to accompany the most vile of these, you can't help but laugh.

i mean, cmon- you can't do that to so and so. you've a girl and she's got a boyfriend for chrissake, etcetera2x. i really laugh as if they're just fooling around. but they're not. keeping straight faces while they talk about ditching their girlfriends and licking so & so's this and that. or maybe i was just unfortunate enough to meet the worst of the male race? so i just shut up and listen to their stories...

i stick to one, and if the need arises, i don't go searching for vaginas-- i let the hands work it. lol. seriously. i just don't like "pleasure", as they would call it, in the expense of hurting someone else.

what do you think? do most people in steady relationships hit it with a stranger now and then?
Subsonic Sound
Took me a while to work out just what you meant, and remember that you can be promiscuous without being unfaithful. And I don't know just what you're implying with the comment about people of the same gender.

But no. You're dead right. There's no excuse for revelling in infidelity. Ever. Instant red card.
i was referring to discussions of these so called adventures of promiscuous activities only made between, say- two, three doods. i happened to be with them when they started talking about these stuff. i just could not believe what i was hearing. and thought it was a laughing matter.

or maybe i was just not making any sense. hehe.

i should really add "sexually" to the topic. sorry to confuse you. Wink
I agree with subsonic, I didn't really get what your main objection is, although I get the feel of what you're talking about.

I agree that promiscuity is what's ruining people -- it's abominable to me to think that people think of sex as if it's nothing, that it's there just for pleasure. And it's even more appalling when people "hook up" with a lot of people several times in a week. (Then again, I'm such a prude because I'm Christian, and I'm married. AND infidelity -- adultery -- is the one thing I can not stand.)

Think of it in practical reasons. Sleeping around will give you diseases. Sure, you can use contraceptives, but those aren't foolproof.

I seriously wish we lived in a culture that treasured purity instead of physical pleasure.
its a bad habit. This could be the one thing that they warned us about. Too much of a good thing is not good. It becomes bad, becomes habit, and can only be taken away....
Everyone's experience with sex is different. For some its a sacred interaction between two lovers, but for others, its just a physical act. Its WRONG to say that people shouldn't be sexually promiscuous because you're not being objective.
You know, I have to say that I disagree with the original poster. Caveat Emptor: not talking about infidelity of course. I've known many people off and on who are sexually promiscuous and many of them are normal healthy functioning adults. Some of them just don't have the time to devote to maintaining a relationship, some of them are coming off of a failed relationship, while others just don't want to deal with all the implications of a long term relationship. We all have needs, and who's to say that how one person chooses to fulfill those needs is wrong when dealing with consenting adults. I just don't get all the prudishness about it all.

Of course this is coming from someone who's been married for 3 years, and in a committed relationship for 5, I just don't feel the need to judge others who've chosen otherwise.
This is an interesting post. It reminds me of certain books that I have to read for literature at my school, where half-way the book you slowly start finding out what it's about. Razz

But, I guess you just found yourself in the wrong company? Some people only talk those things with their friends who stir them up, or when they're drunk, by the way. Not that that makes it any better.
Hrm... I think it has something to do with... EVOLUTION. XD And of course reproductive fitness. I guess it affects some people more than the other. I'm not saying that sexually promiscuous people are out to make babies and I'm also not condoning it. But think about our closest primate relatives for a moment. Chimpanzees are notorious for being polygynous and I think humans exhibit that type of tendency (to some extent) as well... Of course it's not as prevalent or culturally accepted in industrial societies.
Woah.. I was so lost, but yeah, took me a while to get where you were going with all of this. I say people are people, and they'll do anything for a good lay.
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