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Any experience with UMPC (like OQO, Samsung Q1, ASUS R2H)?

Any experience with UMPC (like OQO, Samsung Q1, ASUS R2H)?

With Windows XP or Vista, and High Speed Processor, Big RAM, communication, and latest technology, I guest that UMPC will be standard computing for mobile in the future.

About mobility UMPC better than notebook. About technology, its better than PDA/Smartphone. It'is the best tools in modern era.

I want to buy this machine. But still wait for your story.

Thanks a lot for your sharing.
I was going to buy an OQO off Craigslist, but someone beat me to it.

The problem with these systems is that they are always top-of-the-line. Therefore, they are always going to be expensive. I think it would be better to go with a 12.1" laptop or a small tablet, because anything smaller than a 10" laptop is too fragile.

Also, they generally have too small of resolution screens, the keyboard is awkward to use, and they are very, very easy to break. The But, if your needs are between a Palm and a laptop, and you have a large budget, the systems are great.

I can tell you from firsthand experience, if you want to use one to type anything of a reasonable length, you will end up carrying a usb keyboard to use. The built-in keyboard is just too small...
I have the nokia n800 and it rocks. Very nice machine - with Linux!
Hello heridlia, i recomend you the Asus Rh2 it's the best. It already comes with Vista and has all the power any laptop has you can even write in it with a pen here are some of the specifications:
Intel GMA 900mhz, Tablet Pc Edition, mainmemeory 768 MB. 7" Display, 60GB hard drive, Sd Card Reader Slot, Wan, Lan, built-in Bluetooth, 2 USB ports, microphone, headphone, av out, rj45 port, multiple shorcuts, battery 48 w/hour, ac adapter, 12v car charger, finger reader, Asus security, protection bag, USB cable, external foldable keyboard, GPS Navigation Software with maps of the world, Asus mobil theater, gateway to tv, music, photo, navigation, i-phone, games, Microsoft touch pack, norton antivirus, acrobat reader, Nero express v6.0, Asu infopen, winflash, live update, power4gear and many programs and accesories i really recomend it because i'm an owner of it i recently buy one at $860.00 much lower than retail price $1300.00. hope it help you decide! Smile
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