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Do movies shape our heros?

I think movies shape our heroes and not reality the movie stars.
Don't we all identify with those great heroes, who fight the evil and are so incredibly strong and do the right thing, break the law and get away with it, shoot dozens of bad guys and get finally the hot woman?
And these people don't exist and will never exist, maybe parts of them are a copy of the real person, but they are so exaggerated... I don't know if it a good or bad thing though...
you should have made this a poll

and of cause movies shape our heroes. Do you really think that a five year old can watch Superman, Star Wars, or Indiana Jones and not be affected?

and of cause it works the other way as well because movies are made (or a least backed) for money, and to make money you need to please your customers ie. movie watchers (so you tailer the movie to there likings)
... not only our heroes, but our villians, comic reliefs, etc. The media has stereotyped just about every single ethnic, cultural, and social group they could imagine. For instance, not all heroes "fight the devil and are so incredibly strong and do the right thing, break the law and get away with it, shoot dozens of bad guys and finally get the hot woman", but movies would have us see them that way. How many heroes in movies are there that AREN'T strong, witty, and incredibly attractive men (or women, to a lesser extent)? How many overweight, bald, and ugly guys (or gals!) do you see claiming the hero titleship? Not that many.

Because of the media's portrayals of certain groups of people, we've come to expect certain qualities of people whom we've never met and certainly don't even know anything about. Even when it's a positive image of a group, it still hurts those who are represented by it, because the image may not be true. When it's a negative image, it's not any better.

If you want a real hero to look up to, look around in real life and admire the people who have sacrificed their time, money, reputations, lives, and have expected nothing in return. Don't resort to some fake, petty movie image created by a company whose only goal is to make more money. It's business to them, nothing more.
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