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Selling in Turbo Squid

After I joined Turbosquid for almost 2 years, I finally made my first sale. I am just wondering why is it so hard to sell something, and why do they take 50% off my sale price? (I thought it is lower)

$1 to $.50 for me to keep...

Its really hard to sell on Turbosquid because of the competition and because not too many people know about it. They probably take 50% of your sale price because they need to money to keep their servers running.
People generally end up "voting" with their feet and going elsewhere to sell if one particular site is unsuccessful.
Ebay is obviously the biggie that springs immediately to mind....surely, if selling, you need to give your item as bigger chance as possible, so why try to sell it in a little known (pardon me if I'm wrong there) site when you could have gone with the market leader & sell your item in a week?
well, its not really a item, more like a data file....
for we lamens who know not.

what the dickens is turbo squid?
What is turbosquid?

is this it? Seems like its a site for textures, 3d models and the like.
I remember this, it's actually a really good source of income if your particually good or even just in the high end. I think for different countries it's different ammounts but yes they do take about that much off you.
Captain Fertile
Even so, couldn't these items be sold on Ebay? There are plenty of downloadable files for sale on Ebay so I don't see why not.
If you want to sell lots on turbosquid you need to make complete model packs Smile Clients (Design Studios) will never buy half or models without textures becuase they dont want to do all the work, they just want to use the renders etc.
Or start writing FX plugins and shaders Razz Fire/Smoke and particles plugins sell realy good.
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