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Monitor goes black after xp loading screen, sometimes

Sometimes when loading my PC, I would have the windows xp loading screen and right after that nothing would load up only a blank screen. Reinstalled the video drivers and such, no luck. It will choose whenever it wants to turn on. I am thinking that it maybe the cable connection between the monitor and video card, the video card, or the monitor itself. I have also checked cable connections as well. Anyone?
sounds like either the monitor, cable or vid card are not working properly.

I would recommend if you have another monitor or video cable in the house to try one of those and see if you have the same problem. If you do it would sound like the Vid card which means you may need to replace it.

If the problem is fixed with a new vid cable then you are lucky that is all the issue.

If replacing the monitor fixes it then unfortunatly it would sound like your monitor is gone or going. also you should make sure you have not set the refresh rate on the monitor to something it cannot handle, the default is 60 Htz which should handle most needs.

If you did adjust it to high it could cause an issue with the monitor. try setting it back if that is case. But if you did have it set to high then you may have damaged the monitor so it will need to be replaced.

So your best bet is to try a new vid cable, then monitor, then vid card. One of these will be causing the issue.

Good luck!!
Well then.....

I noticed the refresh rate listed as 60Htz, nothing else available to choose. I noticed a check mark in a box below stating to list only supported refresh rates, switching this option may damage hardware (at the time I did not see this or read this, I only unchecked the box)....I seen others listed and switched to 75Htz, that didn't show much of a different so I set it back to 60Htz, silly me. I may have to replace the monitor, luckily I only purchased it last week, so I can easily swap it for a new one. I noticed a dead pixel in it as well, so I am going to have to swap it anyways.

There you go, you set the refresh rate to high and caused an issue in the monitor. Unfortunatly it was damaged so just setting it back will not do, it will need to be replaced. Luckily you only recently bought it so you should be able to bring it back.

Also it is quite surprising that you managed to burn out a pixel doing that, but then again you did force your computer to do more than it can handle.

And so that you know you will generally not notice a big a difference adjusting the refresh rate on a monitor. It is basically for people that get migranes.

The lower the refresh rate the easier it is for the human eye to see the refresh. so if you raise it higher you will not see this. If you can see the refresh rate it can cause migranes.

60 Htz is the default and for most people that is fine. but in some cases people need it even higher so that is why the option is there, but you should only use it on mionitors that can handle it, they have been designed to handle these settings.

Good luck - I hope this is the only issue!!!
Setting a higher frequency should not damage the monitor, it will just cause it not to be able to display the image. You can't "burn-out" pixels by the signal, dead pixels almost always come with the monitor, and rarely develop. They are from a flaw in the development process where one of more subpixels (R, G, or B) gets stuck in the off position. This causes a white pixel, a black pixel, or a colored "stuck" pixel. Sending too high frequency of a signal should do nothing to the panel, if anything, it will blow out the circuitry before the panel itself.

What brand is the LCD? You may have gotten lucky that you got a panel with only one dead pixel. Some manufacturers use really crappy panels, and will not warrantee them unless there are 5 or even 8 or more dead pixels.

It sounds to me like your problem is occurring right after Windows loads all the drivers and finally uses them. This would indicate that you should try reinstalling your drivers, and maybe even Windows.

If the problem occurs only sometimes, it is probably not the cable (unless you move the cable every time you start up or something dumb like that).

Another thing. I can't believe you were just going to casually return something you broke, acting like it came defective because of one dead pixel. Sorry, that is immoral. People like you cause markups for everyone else. Don't be immoral, it will catch up to you in the long run.
But, I am entitled to a perfect condition monitor for the price I paid for it. I should not pay a nice price for something that is bothering me and was not made properly or became defective. I appreciate your help but you must understand what I am talking about. My monitor is a Samsung 206BW, it's beautiful and should not have a flaw in it. I just purchased it a week ago. Now that I know the dead pixel is there, it bugs me. I may do a XP repair and see how that goes, if you recommend that.

I exchanged my monitor for a new one, noticed no dead pixels as I carefully looked around the screen. However, that did not fix the issue.

I went and did an XP repair, let it go through it's thing, and I successfully managed around 6-8 restarts without an issues happening. Just need to update all the drivers now. I don't know what happened exactly, or exactly what the issue was.

I also used the ATI 6.12 drivers rather than the 7.1 drivers, just in case. All looked well from when I restarted around 8 times or so updating some things.

Before I could only restart 2 times MAXIMUM and on the next, Windows XP Loading screen would display, afterwards just a black screen would show and windows would not load at all. This time it looked more promising than before. Will be to keep how everything is going, posted.

That sounds great, I guess there was just some driver not complying properly with the install you had before and the repair cleared all that up.

And replacing the monitor with one that has no dead pixels is a good thing, especially seeing how you only recently bought it.

I would have to agree with psycosquirrel that setting the refresh rate too high did not cause the dead pixel, that just sounded too weird to be the case.

Hopefully all your issues are corrected now and you will not get that black screen again.

Also using the older driver that you know works fine is good, you can try the updated driver later if you want, it may work fine, but as most people know that when an updated driver comes out sometimes it can have some issue with it that need to be worked out, or just simply don't work properly and the next driver version that comes out may work perfect.

So overall I'm glad you got the issue corrected, but just give it sometime to be on the safe side to make sure that nothing else is causing an issue and just keep an eye on everything you do so you know all that happens before the issue if it does happen.
That exactly what i'll do, is keep in mind of everything I do before issues start happening. I usually don't restart the PC right after an install of something, i'll sometimes install someting else, I may just restart whenever it asks me to.

The one thing that I do remember installing before the issues started happening was VLC, deleted that and the black screen still happened. Also, on the same say, it was when the clocks went ahead an hour where the new law was in effect. Either or? Who knows.

At least I did pick out that dead pixel and got a new monitor. With my newly learned knowledge on refresh rates, I am not going to be setting a refresh rate that the monitor cannot handle anymore.
jay84h wrote:
But, I am entitled to a perfect condition monitor for the price I paid for it. I should not pay a nice price for something that is bothering me and was not made properly or became defective. I appreciate your help but you must understand what I am talking about. My monitor is a Samsung 206BW, it's beautiful and should not have a flaw in it. I just purchased it a week ago. Now that I know the dead pixel is there, it bugs me.

Samsung does not replace dead pixels through the manufacturer's warranty unless it is a top of the line panel. Yours is nice, but not the best. I know you want / think you have the best of everything, but I hate to tell you that you don't.

Glad to see my advice fixed your problem.
You can agree that my monitor is one of the best 20" monitors you can get, I have not seen a 20" monitor that is better, simply because this one has a contrast ratio of 3000:1 and a 2ms reponse time, I haven't seen any other 20" monitors that even come close to that. Samsung is the way to go if you like quality.

I understand that Samsung's warranty, as I am sure any other OEM's warranty is pretty strict. They may not cover it, but the store I got it from does (, I spent an extra $70 to get an extended warranty only available at this store. It covers any defects whatsoever on any product you purchase. So I think me purchasing an extended warranty plan, entitles me to have a product that does not have any defects. Know what I mean? That wont make marketed prices increase.

And thanks a bunch for your advice on how I can resolve my problem, I appreciate it very much!
You should have mentioned you got the extended warrantee then Wink

It is a good panel, but there are better. The "delay" on the monitors is usually a bad indication of how much the delay really is, because the delay varies between colors and gtg (grey to grey). I have an LCD with a 24ms delay, and it ghosts way less than my 32" that has a 8ms delay. It really varies between the panel. But you definitely made a good choice with that LCD, it is one of the best.
Wait, This may not be your monitor!!!!

I had this problem before when I first installed XP. It's because Windows XP either generates an error on boot up or for me it was uncompadible hardware configurations. My motherboard and my TV capture card didn't like each other.

Ways to fix.

Start by removing unnessary hardware. TV capture cards, Sound cards, Keyboards, Mice, USB devices. Anything that may cause a problem. If it boots up great. Plug somthing in and decide on what device doesn't work on boot up or doesn't work.


Try finding a cheap hard drive 1gig will do. Just something that will install XP on. and try to install XP on it just to make sure your XP boot isn't curroupted.
He got it resolved, it was bad drivers. Very Happy
It was working great for like a week......then the problem started happening. I don't think it would be the mouse/keyboard, that would be dumb LOL, harddrive I don't know, sound card, dunno either. It certainly wasn't the monitor. It happened again, I thought it was fixed. I check some settings in the BIOS, there was something listed as *Init Display First* which was set to PCIex Slave, so I set it to PCIex Master, which only made sense, right? Since I changed that, it didn't happen as of yet.
Interesting. You must have an SLI board then?

That may change things, but I do not think that would create or stop the problem you are having. It seems to be a Windows problem, since it only occurs after Windows is done loading and starts using the loaded files. I wonder if your RAM has bad sectors. Though, that is unlikely, as it sounds like the system is stable if it gets into Windows.

Can you tell me any more information about the situation or your computer?
Not, right now, that's all I have, I will do a memtest later on just to make sure the ram is good. Other than that, I don't know what to say, HOWEVER, I have run a scan with AVG and it showed something that came up, ntoskrnl.exe was set to be *changed*, so I don't know what ntoskrnl.exe is listed there for.
Ok, I may have apparently fixed the black screen issues I was getting. I went into the BIOS, and I had RAID disabled, attempted to restart and got the black screen after the Windows XP loading screen. I re-enabled RAID in the BIOS and gave the computer a restart and it booted up perfectly. I am assuming that being disabled was indeed the cause of the issue.
Are you running RAID though? You only have one HDD in your sig...
No, I am not running RAID. I believe it was an option in the BIOS that showed to disable RAID AND SATA. I am assuming that where I do have a SATA HD, it did to boot up the HD properly when they we're disabled.
The black screen occurred again, however I realized that the ATI card I HAD required 450W power supply, so I switch it with an NVidia 7600 which requires 350W. I still get a black screen even though good power is being distributed now. I may do a complete reformat of Windows.
I believe that me be a good idea, that way you can get rid of any bad drivers that may still be on your system from the last vid card and whatever had happened on your system to cause all this to happen.

It is possible that you may have been demanding too much power from your powersupply and so going to a card that requires less should help out in a big way.

There is the possiblity that there may be an issue with your powersupply itself, although I dought this as I have the same one and have no issues whatsoever... But you never know, it may have been a bad make or was damged in some way, in either case it may be something you have to look into, so keep that in mind.

Hopefully formatting and re-installing XP will clear up any issues that are there at the moment.

Here's hopin!
I am having similar problems with my Inspiron 9300 laptop. The machine pops up a black screen after the XP Loading Window. This used to happen mostly after I hibernated the computer and not when I was trying to boot it fresh up (though sometimes then too).

I went into the Dell diagnostic mode and it said an error was present in Byte 79 of the hard disk. I guess the tool then marked it as not to be used, even though it asked me to just restart without giving any indication as to whether the problem was fixed or not. I haven't been having trouble since I got into that diagnostic mode.
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