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Is It Healthy Being a Pessimistic

Are you a Pessimist or Optimist
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I have never really thought about it much, but lately I have been thinking about my life and my outlook of life and have come to realize that I am a pessimistic.

Sure, there are a select few times or some things that I am optimistic about, but overall in general, I see the glass as being half empty.

I generally always think on the negative side of things, and was wondering if this is healthy, or if being pessimistic is actually unhealthy.

I am by no means suicidal (so please don't think that), but I could really care less if I were to die tomorrow or even today... sure, there are things I would liek to do, and I would hate to leave my daughters life or other family members, but thinking about the life aspect, it doesn't seem to bother me too much.

Part of me thinks that maybe if I was optimistic about things, maybe I would have a better life, perhaps due to making different choices etc... but on the other side of things, if I am always negative, I might still make those choices the same, but not be afraid of failure or whatnot.

I am trying to teach my daughter (currently 9 years old) to be optimistic. Part of me feels that there are many more choices available for an optimistic, but again, being a pessimistic I could be worng... lol

Is it healthy to be 98% pessimistic and only 2% optimistic? What are your views and thoughts, and why not add if you are Optimistic or Pessimistic as well...
I dunno if you consider this pessimistic, but when making decisions or analyzing stuff, I always look at the "worst case scenario". And people misunderstand it as being pessimistic. I'm just looking at the worst case so that I'd be kinda expecting it, and be prepared for it, just in case it happens. But I don't usually WANT it to happen.
I think pessimistic is negative and optimistic is positive period. Like anything we need the two to achieve balance. In a room full of debaters it is good to have nine optimists and one pessimist but generally speaking I think negative outlooks are destructive.

I don’t believe that rose coloured glasses are good either though, that truth has be told but our main focus in order to be healthy needs some kind of outlook that promotes. Even a little light at the end of the tunnel is something to aim for when all seems lost.

I do think though that people who consider themselves pessimistic are more realists and are demonstrating that they are aware and therefore are better equipped to stay out of trouble than someone who is simply depressed, negative and unthinking or someone who is leaving in dream world out of reality.

I really do believe we create our own future and therefore we can swing any way we envision. To look back or consider the present with pessimism could be interpreted as a desire for change and is therefore very healthy. The future however is a different story. Hope my opinion makes sense.
Any comments on my "worst case scenario" habit...? Very Happy
Don't really consider that worst case scenario habit to be pessimistic myself. Most people do it to along with best case scenarios to figure out if doing whatever they plan on doing is worth it. Your just missing that best case scenario part which isn't horrible.

And yes there is nothing wrong with looking at the worst case scenario so you aren't surprised when it actually happens.

People are just idiots if you ask me..... lol
Being a cancer survivor. I would have to say that being optimistic is one of the best things you can do for yourself in such a situation. How can one have such a negative outlook when they have the joy of a child that will love them unconditionally. That should be the most positive thing ever to happen and have. Looking at things half full all the time is easily passed on. I am a planner though and will think of the worst case scenarios as well but for things that one can not control I feel that you should stay positive.
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