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What is the meaning of love?

i think that i need a help in this question

about the real meaning of love which many philosophers have a different disription

and if it is realy exist and i mean real romantic love
Romantic love is a wonderfull feeling, but is not longlasting.
This feeling transforme it self in a lot of different ways.
love is nothing. love means caring for someone without whom you cant live. she/he is everything for you. during love , you always think about that is a affection.

abhi Confused
love is about feeling goooooood. $5 at a time
mony wrote:
i think that i need a help in this question

about the real meaning of love which many philosophers have a different disription

and if it is realy exist and i mean real romantic love

Romantic love is great in books and movies...I'm not sure it exists. Like some of the others said or suggested, it's like confusing need/desire for something you've seen in a good film.

We're afraid to be lonely or live alone so we want to meet a man or woman to live with. Our parents and teachers and political leaders and religious leaders and our peers and the society in which we grow up teach us that we should love each other. I think caring for each other as a minimum would be a good start.

My own definition of love is not individual or self centered. It's more like meditation. Have you ever stopped near a grand lake or maybe before a great mountain like the alps and had that instant where you're no longer there? The majesty of the place just take your breath away. You become one with the place and you and all your worries and little life just vanish?

I think that's love. The self centered brain with all it's thought gives way to silence for a moment and in that moment I am no one and everyone. In that moment my care is for the world. My sorrow and fear and all the daily life is gone. Suddenly a new frontier opens before me with horizon stretching upon horizon because whatever it is of me that's experiencing it can't approach the space. There are no words for this, there is only living it.

No one can tell you what love is.

Love isn't something that can be defined— you will know it when you feel it.

To me, it's just knowing that I have someone who actually cares, truly cares not just for the sake of knowing but because it makes them feel better to know I'm feeling good. It's that ability to subtly influence and sort of connect emotionally.. two bodies blending with one mind.

I like this definition, from Louise Hay (this is at least what I remember, so do not expect a perfect quotation):

"love is a feeling which completely fills you of positive energy and wellness, it can be felt for a thing, a flower, a sunset or a person..."

I realised I was not feeling this with my girlfriend, then I came up to break with her. I am really glad I did, because now I know that is possible, and I am feeling that now. That is love. And, actually, I agree with who wrote "you can't define it", because it is something which must be felt to be able to understand any definition...
Thats "the" question right there, what is love?

In my opinion, love doesn't have a fixed meaning, it is constantly changing from person to person with respect to their situation, what may be romantic for some might be tragic for others although in their own perspective its still love.

For me, it exist, because you are aware of it, you feel it and you aspire for it. Intangible, fleeting and everlasting, thats the nature of love.

Ideally, movies show romantic love but those are the ideal scenarios:
- boy meets girl
- boy falls for gir
- boy does something to make girl falll
- girl falls for boy
- something happens to try their love
- they get together and live happily ever after
More or less this is the underlying storyline. In the real scenario it isn't at all easy. but people still aspire for the same ending, a "happily ever after"
What is the meaning of love? ... ..eeeeverything!
Love IS hapiness in it's most direct way. If you are in love then you are happy and that's all that matters in the world. Nothing else really matters, only love. People have a genetical code inside them that says that the meaning of life is to love somebody and to be loved by someone. It's the ultimate thing. Love = Meaning of Life. People's Holy Grail is to generate love.
No one can say for sure that they know what true love is.. but some of us think we know, and I'm one of those.. I think I've met my perfect match.. my true love..

It was never some dating or "try to make her fall for me", it was just like BOOOM... I was chillin with a friend, she was injured so she couldnt practice. but we sat and watched her team practice (soccer), and there she was.. I just saw her in a far distanse.. she looked back, and we just knew.. got her number from my friend, we met.. she was abit late, so when she came it was like "sorry for me beeing late" BOOM!! we kissed for what felt like an eternity.. after that I told her that "ok, I forgive you", and from that moment, our first meeting, it was love, and today... 7 years later.. our passion and love is just as strong, it not even stronger then it was that day.. we were together for 2.5 years before having anything that was even close to sex, wasnt needed...

I had this feeling,, when we were in the same room, it felt just as good as the most sensitiv kiss.. when we kissed, it felt like I had an orgasm that would never stop (yes it sounds strange, but it's true), everything was so big, so much bigger then everything else we have ever knewn..

And from the very beginning, she understood me, everything I did, how I felt about things, w/o me saying a word.. and I had the same for her..

It's huge, it's larger then life.. it's the best I've ever felt and I doubt that we will ever leave eachother and I do belive that we will live happily ever after.. sounds like a fairy tale.. don't it? Very Happy
Lucky you Very Happy Best wishes to you.
love means everything! what we are looking for trying to search!!
love is everywhere!!!
If you feel unhappy when you are away from your partner,
or you tend to feel the food tasteless when she is away,
If you feel like you can't live wihout her despite the pain she sometimes cause you,
Then she is your other half, and you are in Love!
i've had a lot of problems with this question myself, especially lately...

it's something that just can't be defined in one way for everyone, a one-size-fits-all kind of love, because it's so amorphous that when you finally think you understand what it is, it changes once more.

i've actually gotten into a few arguments with my husband on the definition of love... in his words love is basically just a really good friend that you sleep with... which really made me upset, because it's such a heartless way to look at it. at the time i couldn't make a good argument against it, i'm terrible in the moment when it comes to arguments...

but, in terms of romantic love, love to me is the feeling that there is when i think of that person, even just their name puts a smile on my face, and a warmth in my heart... and they stay stuck in your head, and won't go away, because you really just don't want them to... it's feeling wanted, and wishing to convey that feeling back to the person... it's comfort. it feels safe and dangerous at the same time, in an odd sort of way, because there's always the risk that the person doesn't feel that way towards you... but you want to keep feeling it anyways because it just feels so great... and you're willing to risk for it, lose for it, fight for it... you don't just give it up.

other types of love are somewhat different, but this is about romantic love. Smile
here's how i define LOVE.

It is the willingness to suffer for the good and benefit of other without waiting for any recompense or anything in return... this kind of love has been manifested by our Lord Jesus Christ when laid His life on the cross to save us from the slavery of sins...
hate means to distruct the world,love means to develope the world,once the people have love ,he or she will has the destination to live,and feel like knowing the meaning of life.
here's the point for my opinion
love is difficult to define. It's easier to know when you are in love than to say what that love is.

The dictionary defines love as a strong positive emotion of regard and affection, but it s not easy to know the difference between love, infatuation, and lust

"Love is all that is. Love knows nothing but love. Love transcends mind. Love is a feeling you feel when you feel you're feeling a feeling you never felt before. Love is the inner substance of light"
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