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Introducing....The Feckers!

I built this website for our online scooter club using Microsoft Frontpage, Paintshop Pro etc.
It promotes our message board where club members are often found whiling away the hours & generally exchanging nonsense among themselves!
This year we've pooled resources & are building a racing Lambretta & will compete in the British Scooter Racing Championship.
Well, it keeps us older blokes occupied and out from under the feet of our wives Very Happy is the url and it's all hosted through Frihost.
Captain Fertile
Even if you aren't into scooters I would recommend anyone to visit the forum - it is so funny, the membership there are a great community - a fine example of how the people really make the forum.

I love it and I'm not into scooters! Check it out!
thanks Captain Fertile.
Yes, they're a good bunch of chaps, but the problem is we stay online far too long & tend to get less & less sleep per night as we doddle away to each other.
We're more than just a cyber-based scooter club now, as we meet throughout the year at various events & also have club get togethers. We have a best supporting member championship that I'm well in the running for this year, with points awarded for riding the scooter to and from certain events.
Well just from looking at the forums per Captain Fertile's advice, I can tell you've got a great site going there. I've never gotten into scooter, but I'm somewhat enticed to learn more about them now Smile
they're a great bunch of chaps on there, and we often have club get togethers....with members all over the place it's difficult to get too many in one place at one time, but we have some great times when we do congregate.
wow, thats a huge board you have over there. Good work!
the great thing is, as we become more and more familiar with one another we become more closely knit as a group & actually quite matey....I've recently ridden the length and breadth of England on my Lambretta & on nights where I've stayed away have been looked after by fellow club members, some of whom I'd never met until I turned up on their doorstep.
We have a great spirit among members & it really is a fantastic set up.
fecktastic! - design and execution is quite shabby but its functional. you need a designer to join your club.
Yer cheeky monkey....I did that ! Laughing

I have a basic knowledge of Frontpage and a lot of good will.....that's all I take to the party I'm afraid!
My mate got me a book on Dreamweaver, plus a copy of the programme, but the book's as big as a shoebox & at my low knowledge level looks same-ish as Frontpage (I know there are qualities well over and above FP, but I'll take an age to get to that level of understanding, so it'll have to do for now!
hehe - I suppose i dodnt put much emphasis on the well done part of my message. Considering your abilities its quite good. You have done really well. I know what its like when you are just starting out. Keep at it my good sir!
here's my latest effort....all hosted of Frihost & showing collections of my better photos....I hope you like Lambrettas & scenery, as there's not too much else on there if you don't !
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