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is there anyone who doesn't like listening music?

I realy wondering if there is someone doesn't like listening music.Any kind of music this isnt matter.Or someone never whistle.for me music means very much thing.Sometmes fun,siesta,fiesta Smile,peace,romanticism,sorrow, can express your sef by music in every way.Musical days....
MY dad!
standready wrote:
MY dad!

Come on he must like some sort of music. Everybody likes music!!
a couple of guys at my school didn't like music full stop - to be honest though they were weird individuals who did nothing but study Confused
it is just weird to know someone who doesn't like music.. as if his/her soul cannot be freed..
everyone likes music. It's just a part of our human nature.
i used to hate music lol dunno why just did now everyone hate it that i love music they say i have it too loud but i cant hear a damn word they tell me Very Happy lol
It was probably the type of music that you heard. There's a difference between hearing music and listening to it. Without music, life is just a dull existence (in my opinion). Music to me is just any noise or sound that sounds good in conjunction with another sound or in a successive beat. Melody's important, too, but that's my base for music. That definition includes pretty much everything into music, so that's why I say that there can't be life without music.
It's almost impossible to think someone does not like any kind of music at all. 0_0 It's part of human nature to be attuned to some kind of rhythm.
Only if he came here and saw your post, he must be a music-lover I think!
i don't like music at all.
i feel bad for people who cant enjoy music. they are really missing out.

a have a cousin who is a complete computer geek, and knows nothing about music or even mainstream top 40 commercial stuff. but he still can listen to a radio and appreciate good songs, even though hes completely clueless.

i believe there are music illiterates out there, and i really pity their existence to not be inspired by one of the most amazing creations ever.
Music is my life, it's like... my EVERYTHING! Seriously, I dunno what I would do without it. I think it's very important for people to have music in their lives, it's a quick getaway from reality and sometimes the lyrics are so strong that they just hit home.
are you kidding me?
NO. I like music.
I know people who LIKE listening to music, but they just never do. You never see them with any kind of CD or MP3 players, not even on really long trips or something. They just don't really care. But they don't dislike music.
I can't imagine there would be anyone that would not like listening to any music full stop. I just can't imagine it. That's partially because I eat sleep and breathe music though!

Just a point, if you're looking for people who don't like music, you're unlikely to find them on a music forum!!
tingkagol wrote:
i don't like music at all.

but why?

do you really mean by "all kinds of music"?
I think if you don't like music, it is because you have only been exposed to a spectrum of music you do not enjoy, or you or intentially close-minded because of the social associations of music. If asked five years ago, I would have said I did not enjoy music. My friends all enjoyed Thrash metal, which in my opinion should hardly be considered music. Since then, I met a classic rock fanatic, and have been discovering classic rock. I am now a huge fan of the mod rock movement, later southern rock era, and early psychodelia. There are certainly types of music over which I would choose no music at all.
Who ever dosnt like music is incredibly strange and weird. It isnt impossible. just improbable, to hate music. after all, it is the most populr thing in the world.
The question on the thread is ackward, but ok, I will put some spice: is it possible? Is it possible to don't like?
Subsonic Sound
There are people who are relatively indifferent to music, but surprisingly enough, they won't be the ones who browse MUSIC forums, so don't expect any replies from them...
Shapespeare wrote:
The man that hath no music in himself,
Nor is moved with concord of sweet sounds,
Is fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils;
The motions of his spirit are dull as night,
And his affections dark as Erebus;
Let no such man be trusted. Mark the music.

The Merchant of Venice, Act 5, Scene 1, 83-88
I didn't like music before, but now I can't live without it.
I think everyone listens to music. Not necessarily to liked it but one way or another each of one of us listen to music.
Well i think most people enjoy listening to music as long as it's music they like.

The human rhytmical sense needs to be stimulated or something - read that somewhere.

I don't think the people who don't listen to music will post here since this is in the Music forum. XP
anyway who doesn't like music? everyone has his likes and disklikes, but he will find his genre sooner or later.
I am afraid that there is no one that do not like music. Almost every one in the world like music. But different people like different music. No one hate all kinds of music, there must be one kind of music he like at least.
I couldn't imagine how life would be not liking music, i mean i have my Ipod with me everyday, as useless as it is, it sure does lighten my day.

Music for the Win!!!
Jakob [JaWGames]
I am a big music lover but I guess that there are people who maybe have nothing against music but doesn't especially like it either.
Music is a universal language.
I can't think of anyone, hard to think that it's possible to not like music.
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I can't imagine anyone not like any form of music, ever, how-ever if there are such people... then they probably aren't going to be perusing the frihost music forum Wink .
Imagine a world with no music.
So depressing.. Sad
hey did you mean dislike listening music?Ya i know them THE ALIENS..Because no human can dislike music...Ya of course some may dislike some forms of music but they will like other types...
I think that everybody enjoys listening to some kind of music...
Actually, I haven't always liked music. I used to not like music before. I absolutely hated it to be honest. Hehe. Laughing

I started getting into music a couple of years ago and am still looking for bands that I like. It's a never-ending search.
I used to not really like music, until I discovered the radio, I love it now.
I wish my darned MP3 player had more space, I completely filled it!
To sum up how I feel about this topic, I truly think that if someone thinks they don't like music at all, they just haven't heard the right kind. I really have a hard time accepting the idea of there not being some form of music for everyone. It may require a little more effort for that person to delve into the kind they would like, as it may not be obvious from always hearing similar things on the radio and tv, but once they find the place where certain music strikes them, they won't be sorry they did it.
I don't think there can be a person who doesn't enjoy music at all! There are so many types of music, for everyone! Music gives birth to feelings you never thought you could feel, music expresses that which can not be said... And music can be listened to in every state you are!
Patriot Players
I cant imagine anyone who wouldnt like any music at ALL. I mean some people are more enthusiastic about it than others, but I dont think there are people who actually dislike it. That would be just plain weird.
Yes, there are people who don't like music. My wife said that she now doesn't like music. The strange thing is that she used to love music. In fact, music was her great passion in life. She learned piano and oboe and became a music teacher. But now she has no desire to listen to her large CD collection or listen to any music with me. I don't know why or how she lost her love for music. Maybe since we had children she feels stressful or that music is too low a priority. This could be the case since she also no longer likes movies or travel, which she used to enjoy. Or maybe she's depressed, although she doesn't show the other signs of depression, like sleep disturbance or sadness. Just anhedonia for several formerly enjoyable activities. I really miss listening to music with her since that's a way we could share passion, but I don't know what to do. I can't find any information on this phenomenon, other than questions like this posted in forums. I did find one other example: a famous pop singer (Anastacia) said that she never liked music. That seems even stranger than what happened to my wife, although I suppose that many people dislike their jobs but do them for the money.
I don't think they disliked music, but they rather havn't found a kind of music that they like / got bored of the kind of music they previously liked. When I was smaller, I didn't enjoy music either, until I discovered what kind of music I really liked.
catscratches wrote:
I don't think they disliked music, but they rather havn't found a kind of music that they like / got bored of the kind of music they previously liked. When I was smaller, I didn't enjoy music either, until I discovered what kind of music I really liked.

I agree, I can totally imagine people turning on the radio and thinking "I don't think I like music". But that doesn't mean they don't like any music, just that they haven't found any music they like yet. It can be hard to describe your own taste sometimes.
I don't think it's possible for someone to not like listening to music.
I was never really interested in music until i was like 13 or something, I dont know how I lived before then.
Ooh, I'd be really suprised if there were many people in the world who don't like any type of music/rythm/beats at all!

From the first time people started to chant, used tools and banged a few bits of wood together/clapped their hands and danced around a fire we've always had music...can't think of any culture anywhere that hasn't either...basic human need I reckon it seems to be.

my boss. he explicitly told everyone one day in a meeting that he hates music, he only likes sports and listens to sports talk radio. I asked if he closes his ears when they play music at a stadium. he just looked at me funny. why haven't i been promoted yet...
I can't stand music!
ortie10 wrote:
I can't stand music!

Ah, a little irony - there is intelligent life out there somewhere ...
I dont understand how someone doesnt like listening to music. ANY sort of music??? Shocked

I dont believe in that Music is something beautiful that we all need. Some of us need it every day, some not, but I cant imagine life without music. It makes me feel even better when Im happy, it helps me feel better when Im sad, I like when rhythm touches me and I start singing or dancing. Id never give that feeling away. Very Happy
Everyone must of listened to music at least once. The most basic kind of music comes from our televisions. E.g Theme Songs for movies/news etc. Music is just part of a humans life in my opinion.
i listen to music abou... 12 hrs a day... I can not imagine not liking music....

what do they do? sit in silence when not watching TV

I like all kinds of music (not so much country) and music can easily change ones mood. happy to sad, sad to happy... its very powerfull
well for me i dont like country songs
but i like taylor swift songs only
and im in love with her hehe lol
I am getting very sad that I can't appreciate music. I have tried and tried but I just get bored. Sometimes I don't mind it, but often I just prefer silence. I hardly ever get pleasure from it. If I do it is just from hearing a familiar song, but I don't enjoy it all that much. I get bored silly at gigs and concerts. I have been like this all my life. I am surrounded by friends that are musicians and music lovers who are into all sorts of different styles, but I just can't "get into it"Sad. To top it off, I'm actually a good musician, but only play because i was brought up to. It makes me so embarrassed to admit that I don't feel anything from music, and jealous of all the people that do. And I'm saddened when people post that people that don't like music must have no soul, Is there some truth in that? or that music is their life and they don't know what they'd do without it. I have been trying to research about it to make myself feel better; to realise that it's just the way my brain's wired, and to possibly find a way I can change my brain!!! But i'm not that hopeful of that happening. I read Oliver Sacks' book, can anyone recommend any other books that might enlighten me on the subject?
I have been searching online for people with music repellence. This site is the only place I have even found a reference, even though the consensus here again is, how could someone not like music, and oh, so much is missing from their life. I didn't use to be this way. What happened?

It has slowly evolved that I cannot stand background music. It interferes with my thought process, reading, exercising, or other activities. I find everything starts getting choppy because I start keeping pace with the music, and it becomes excessively irritating, no matter how slow or how fast the music is. I feel it keeps me from being creative in what I do--maybe I want to set my particular irregular pace in my reading, thinking, exercising, etc., but I am locked into the pace of the music.

Neither can I just listen to music because I go crazy doing just one thing. This is what is so odd to me--I am a great multitask-er, able to juggle a dozen activities at once. Why would music interfere with other activities? Why do I feel the music is like a jail, locking me in? Why wouldn't it be just one more of the multi-tasks?

I have instant zero tolerance for horns and high violins.

However (get this), I like music with movies, USUALLY NOT EVEN NOTICING THE MUSIC, but hate almost all musicals. I find dancing incredible--and really enjoy the music accompanying it. An occasional rap favorably catches my attention (talk about abruptness and rhythm!). In Las Vegas I love the Blue Man Group and Cirque du Soleil productions--but as in dance and movies, these shows for me are accompaniments to music, not music for just itself. The only time I remember really enjoying music for just itself was on a Washington DC street corner there were kids banging on garbage can lids and shopping carts, and the music was incredible. I was in awe. But come to think of it, I once actually bought a CD of Eskimo flute music, and again once for some African singing group.

I NEVER turn on music anywhere, preferring silence or (get this) very low background TV programs.

It seems to be the unbroken rhythm, or repetition, or cadence of music that is so disruptive to my life style.

I don't just dislike music, it literally makes me want to scream--my tolerance for music in most instances doesn't last over 15 secs to a minute.

I don't understand the comments, "I feel sorry for you, you are missing so much." I love my life and feel extremely lucky and fortunate--have numerous hobbies, sports, great children & family & friends, etc., etc., and don't feel anything is missing. I would however love to miss the aggravation and disruption of music, except for those few occasions cited above.

I am mystified. I have never found anyone else who is similar. I think there are people out there just afraid to admit it because reactions often show horrification at this "lack" and suggest the person is perhaps uneducated, below intelligence, or wrapped up in themselves. Please, does not anyone else feel this way?
glabase wrote:
a couple of guys at my school didn't like music full stop - to be honest though they were weird individuals who did nothing but study Confused

Did nothing but study?
You got great pressure from study?
Personally I don't think there will be anyone who dislike music entirely but it is definitely possible to hate a particular genre. Probably they have yet to hear a genre they are interested in or they are just not particularly into music as per say but never to the point disliking all forms of it.
I really enjoy listening to music. I cannot get anything done without my favourite songs playing on my background. I know a guy who hasn't listened to any music in 3 years. Personally, I think he just hasn't found the song to inspire him and lure him into music. He's awesome at studies though.
Not really, but there are actually days, when I don't listen any music at all.
I also have no love for music like a few here. I feel nothing for it. It gives me no pleasure. If I listen to the radio I only listen to talk type radio. I do not own any music. I really have no desire to like music. I do feel it is ok not to like music.

It is very nice for people to try help. But people do live well with out music.

Even Shakespeare found people who did not like music or he would not have made a statement in one of his plays.
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