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We all know those people who no matter how unreasonable their arguments or so called logic is, they will still stand by the side of their respective gaming console or company. If you've ever posted at somewhere bearing any likeness to or, you'll have had more than your fair share of these kind of people. What exactly motivates these people to make such utter fools of themselves? Why do they fight tooth and nail to defend a multi billion dollar corporation? To me, gaming is simple. I pop a disk in a piece of hardware and I have fun. I fail to perceive at which point in the history of videogames it became necessary to only enjoy games from a single company.

I apologize for the space and time wasted by this rant, but I mean, seriously, why must these people try to force their opinions on others?
It's this same thing like Ronaldo FANS ... he is FAT and SLOW ... but there are ppls who love him ... WHY?
Or why there are fans of football teams ? You only watch how they play and earn lot of CASH ... but YOU got nothing for it ... but You still can fight for Your team ...

This same thing is with games/consoles ora PC vs Console ... in most of cases , Your favorite console is Your first real console ...
In my cate that was PSX (first was NES but i don't count it) ... that why i like SONY ... now i have PS2 and I;m happy because there is a lot of games that i like ... but... if i had more cash ... i would be happy to buy X360 or Wii ... i don't care that this isn't SONY ... i just like gaming Smile I don't have lot of time to do this but , I play if I can Smile

This whole wars PC vs Console , X vs SONY vs N ... it's funny thing and the SCENE can't live without of it Smile If You don't like - just play and have fun of it Smile
Maybe fanboys are workers of their respective company, and they are getting paid to be fanboys. (Conspiracy theory)
Gamespot has great content, but avoid the forums/comments at all costs.
PseudoKnight wrote:
Gamespot has great content, but avoid the forums/comments at all costs.

But its the comments that make it delicious.

It's your sub-categories of Fanboy that I love... You have your 'Lowest Common Denominator' Fanboy who is usually straight in after any news post with "Sony/Microsoft are s**t and anyone who has an Xbox360/PS3 is gay!"

Even more fun are the Fanboys that will use made up statistics and quotes to prove that their console of choice is the best...

Oh and I tried to dumb down my spelling in my imitation of a Fanboy but trying to work out how to do it authentically made my head hurt... sorry.
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