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3 way to satisfy women

If the subject is women; to make them satisfy is nearly impossible.But not impossible to make them complately satisfy.There is a possibility.Women always want to hear about how we love them or how much we love them or something good about them, their beauty.But all these words never make them happy.So i thing about this and decide that there are some small possibilities to make them happy.For example; 1.WAY. always tell them big lies.Because their enormous egos obstract to see the truths.So you can say every lie your imagination can create about their beauty.2.WAY.Buy cheap wildflowers for them and almost every day give these cheap flowers to them. And tell them that she is much more innocent and beautiful than these wildflowers.By this way you can also use the 1. way by telling lie while you are applying the 2. way.And same time you can keep your big amount of money too.3.WAY.Bring them to a shopping centre. Belive me this can make them crazy.So crazy that from this time their eyes can't see you instead of bags, shoes,jewelries..Do not forget; İF she is happy this means you are happy too because you are a peaceful man.
Man nice,

Your mind is sharp I say, but women can be bored when they are receiving flowers for a long time.\
Maybe you can save a lot of money, but at list you have to take this girl to dinners. It's not nececery to take girls to shoping center
It takes all you have liked: time, energy, money, resource, everythings. That is why if you dont like the woman, you will never satisfied them.

To satisfied them, you have to go inside their head and mind. They are easily satisfied with somethings small but showing your attentions toward them. For instance: you go for dinner. you remember to order the girl favorite drink. That will be a plus for that night.
I think the one thing that satisfies women is if you make them feel needed and special. You have to let them know that they are making you feel complete. In my opinion this will totally satisfy them. Naturally you will need to express your appreciation once in a while. Women don't like to be taken for granted. They are special, and they need to feel special atleast once a month. Men tend to forget this, but women are sensitive to attention. If you don't give them the attention they deserve, well you should be carefull or they will search for attention elsewhere.
I like that you are considering putting a lot of effort into it. That's really great.

But like Sadow said, they need to feel special and wanted. Smile
Subsonic Sound
That's right, make them feel special with money and lies.


If you don't genuinely feel that they're beautiful and special, why are you lying to them? What do you hope to achieve? Because it's obvious it's not going far as a relationship, if you're don't particularly treasure them are so willing to lie. Are you just after sex? Cut out the middle man, go running to a ******.

*rolls eyes*
according to me, you must give care,your time and love to women because they are cheap and freely available. generally all types of women love all these make them happy and more should also respect women. but you should do all these things in limited quantity.

abhi Surprised
kitaksi, the statements you made are very stereotypical, and even a bit sexist. Normally, I wouldn't be bothered by something like this, but I'm very surprised that you essentially believe all women to be stupid beings who will believe anything that their significant others tell them simply because of their "enormous egos". If anything, most women are somewhat insecure due to society's love of beauty. Of course this is not true for all women; I'm just pointing out the flaw in your assumption that all women have huge egos. Also, a lot of women do like to shop, but that's not true for all of them; once again, you're making unfair, stereotypical assumptions. I'm female, and I hate shopping. Last, besides the fact that (once again) not all women like flowers, receiving flowers every day (cheap or not) would get old very fast. Sorry for sounding like a feminist (since I'm not one by any means), but please think before you type.
I can tell you this:

Women hate liars

Women hate cheap flowers (unless they are handpicked outside (not the neighbours garden) or something). That much flowers would also indicate that you are trying to make up for something, or cover up something. She would probably think that you are cheating on her.

Women hate to shop with their boyfriends. All they do is nag; "are you finished, yet? We have been shopping for over an hour!".


* Listen to her (not pretend! Say stuff often, that indicates that you remember something she said earlier)
* Take her out; dinner, movies, things she likes
* Say nice things to her, especially in front of others (if you would have to lie to do this, you should not be together)
* Give great massages
what you posted is just wrong, that may do for shallow women but when it comes to women who really care do you really think that would suffice?

Of course not!

Genuine interest, care and love will satisfy them to their heart's desire. And from what your saying satisfaction comes from the thought of giving something and not just for the blatant material value of the gesture.

Lies in a relationship would get you no where except a steep road to oblivion.
Shoes + Clothes + Nice restaurants = Happy Women

Say no more..
A woman whos happiness lies with shoes, clothes and restaurants, would need very big clothes after a while...

Is it a theory, greenwoodmonkey? Or is this posted from experience?
the key is money...straight up real talk...not directly money...but if u have money u can take them out, buy them gifts, take care of the little things...have the ability to suprise them....etc things like that...they dont' just want cold cash....but im sure they still would like thats how u make them happy...and great sex....u gotta pound them silly too....
just be a good listener as woman feels secured if there is someone around her who always concern about her matter and try to solve them.
By the way, the flower thing and the lie thing especially the lie, you should never ever did that to the one who you love. It will/may don't show negative effect in a short time..Maybe after a 10 or 20 years more..
Well, I know from experience that even understanding women is complex stuff. Of course, you can't do something to please a girl without understanding her to some extent (except, perhaps, by dumb luck).

Another point I've noticed - to please a girl who loves you doesn't take much, provided, of course, that you are in love with her too. I remember once (many years ago) when I remembered, in the middle of a busy day at college, that it was my (then) girlfriend's birthday. She was working as a hotel receptionist then, and I was in the middle of my exams. I didn't have much money on me, and I didn't have much time too. Well, there was a toy store opposite to my college. I bought a tiny stuffed teddy bear with a 'Love You' written on its chest, wrappped it like a toffee using some glossy paper (total cost - less than 2 bucks), and left it with a hand-written card at my friend's table when she'd gone off for her lunch. I was afraid she'd clobber me when we met that evening, but she surprised me by turning up with tears in her eyes... which just means, it's not very true to say you need to buy costly presents to impress a girl.
My opinion is those ways will not be effective in all of women, for some maybe. Older women may not be into this, just like us guys, they are also human beings who need someone that is honest enough and find the "love" if i may say.
yeah i dont Think So that woman Like a PErson who Always Tell a lie Because when they come To know that my partner Is a big fat lier than she Weill Burst On you and it will make your Relation Bad... So Be Positive With woman, Always succes In best Lifes Cool
Okay, first off, to the person who poseted this topic...

My current project for English is to write an essay on society's view of beauty and it's effect on them and the population itself.

I'm going to drag you into my essay, because, just from this, I can easily tell that you are a pig and one who should not be trusted with dating or relationships with females. You objectify them, and seem to discount their ability of abstract and intelligent thought, reducing them to trained ferrets, liking only shiny things and treats.

Is this how you see women in you life? Do you even have the guts to talk to someone who is taking a strong stand against you? Or are you going to refrain from posting becuase you fear that you will prove youself even more of a horrible typist?*

To all else, I must ask why you couldn't take a stronger stance against this person, with his primitive thought toward females.

So, why didn't you? Why did you take this in moderation, acting as if it were 'no big deal', or something of the sort?

It seems ridiculous that the topic creator is even part of this community that is formed mostly (from what I can tell in my experience here) by intelligent people, people with intelligent thought and defined arguments/positions, people with well-formed argumentation styles and abilities.

I can already see how I'll introduce this person in my essay...

'Some people believe that beauty is something that only has a purpose in personal satisfaction. On an online forum, one particular person writes of women as simple-minded things, noting that the 'easy' way to get to be with them includes simpel thigns like lying to females in forms of flattery (due to, according to this person, their lack of self-esteem;the 'fact that they think they are better than how anyone sees them) and buying them lots of trivialities, stating (loosely) that 'they're only interested in money...maybe not directly, but that's really what they like'.
Not ALL women are the same...yes there are many women that want expensive things and to be totally spoilt, but then there are the genuine women (like me) maybe i ask too much of a man but to be happy all i need is trust, honesty, and is not on my agenda at all, i prefer to provide for myself, and i hate having things bought for me, and not being able to pay my way when i am out for a meal, or on a date. I actually dislike clothes shopping for myself!
So please don't paint all women with the same brush!
Ooooh - liar liar pants on fire! When was the last time you offered to buy the drinks when I've taken you out!? Laughing

But seriously - knowing Foxy as well as I do, I know she's not particularly materialistic (except where a Subaru Impreza WRX is concerned!).
nono, not every women are the same... my girl friend is totally different, she doesn't like me lie to her, she don't like flower but she like me buy for her (Sometime), i think the most important is listen to her, persuade her, kiss her, hug her, talk to her and try our best to help them.
there are not the same things which will satisfy all women, each one has her own choices and preferences.
The best way to impress is to tell her truly some good points which you consider to be the best in her which will satisfy her and bring her close to you
You have to find the clitoris!Smile
From what I know, the most important thing is that you really show your woman that you love her, care about her, and that you do so enough to every now and then make an effort to make her happy through doing something. It may be saying something, getting her something, doing something for her, ditchin something you were gonna do to be with her, etc.
oww.... we hate liars.... just be yourself....
A woman who is stupid and insecure enough to believe the crap that you suggested, is a woman who's not worth having in the first place. Seems like you've only been successful because you've aimed very low.
cavey wrote:

* Say nice things to her, especially in front of others (if you would have to lie to do this, you should not be together)

generally yes.. and if need to, do things that will make her happy. knowing what she likes about you and work on your good points will leave her impressed
Women alwys need to hear how super awesome they are and how unique they are and how deep our love for them are, but as you say this is not what makes them happy. What makes women happy is to finally get what they really DESIRE, not what they think they need. If a man cabn bring a woman to really desire him, and gives himself to her while watching out not to let her think she already got him, she'll be happ, cause she feels like she's on the way of getting something that she really desires. to the question if that makes the man happy, I would answer, often not.
for all you said, i only agree saying something nice about her...... but not telling lies i mean. Trust and be frank is the most important in a relationship. Maybe she is not really beautiful in others' eyes, but if you really love her, she is the one the most beautiful in your eyes, and that's already enough, right ?

Every woman likes receving flowers, but no need to be everyday. Just giving her some in the special days between you and her and in festivals is already fine. If you give her everyday, the flower loses its value. So, buying some good flowers....

for shopping center, it's just a place for you 2 to date. If she loves you much, her concentration is on you rather than those bags, clothings... etc. Don't try to test your beloved. It looks like you do not repect her at all....
Three ways to satisfy women..........

1.Her mouth...

2.Her P______

3.Her A______

Now tell me the fourth way..............
To really please a woman, well in my experience you can really please a woman but unfortunately they do have short memories (not steriotyping just being sarcastic), none the less I have spoken to many fellows who complain about a unhappy girlfreind or wife and after speaking on many occasions the conclusion is that most ladies tend to forget the efforts a man may have put in.

then you could say a guy should always make allot of effort but as you mentioned in this thread eg "flowers every day" = she will eventually get bored, this is true that will not work either the goal post will just keep moving the more ground you cover, this is not an accusation just my own personal opinion in most cases a woman will momantrilly appreciate everything you do but more often notice the things that you dont do.

I think to make a woman happy you have to be sensitive so you will know where her goal post or expectation is currently set and be patient and tolerate when she changes her mind, and also be an emotiona rock you must be strong and stable and she is like the waves in the ocean and will continuously smash against her rock to test his stability, and sometimes guys get thrown off by these waves and get annoyed etc etc,

thats just my view

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