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Collegium Gostomianum in Sandomierz, Poland

I wanna tell U something about my school Very Happy which is school of my dreams. BTW it's high school.

The school which
I attend is Collegium Gostomianum; it is a school with over 400 years of tradition and rich history. It is a mix-ture of what is old and what is new. It is a school from which my grandparents and my mother graduated. The moment you see it, it seems to be very big, hospitable, where everyone, without any exception, can find their fa-vorite place. It is full of the XXI century technology. Every classroom is equipped with multimedia which makes les-sons more interesting. Another big convenience is access to the Internet in every classroom. In my school there is also a unique place called “refektarz” where we can eat something, or drink a cup of tea or coffee chatting with friends and enjoying ourselves in a nice company and atmosphere. Chapel is another special place, where we can often find praying teenagers sometimes accompanied by our priest talking about life. My school is also proud of its gymnasium where owing to physical exercise, such as basketball, volleyball, soccer we can wind down and be-come fit. There is also a gym at our disposal, which helps me built my muscles.
Collegium Gostomianum is not only a building, but also exceptional atmosphere made by unusual people; teach-ers and students. The teachers of Collegium Gostomianum are a very good team, friendly to teenagers, they are born teachers, and they are always able to help us.
Collegium Gostomianum is certainly a unique place, but it has one disadvantage - lack of a swimming pool in its vi-cinity.
Everyone dreams about a school which they will miss af-ter graduation. Collegium Gostomianum - my school; is an unforgettable school, and time spent there is certainly a period which can bring me benefits in future. I am happy and proud of being a student of Collegium Gostomianum.

I hope that U will like my school Razz
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