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Do you see darts as a sport

Hoogeveense RAT
In Holland, Australia and the UK is darts official registered as a sport, but lots of people refuse to say darts is a sport. So my question for you: is darts a sport or not?
what's your definition of sport? for the rest of us, sport is an activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively. that is why we (the rest of us) also have billiards, lawn bowl, golf and even chess as sports. see the rest at

what with you and darts anyway? bad experience in pub somewhere?
while I wouldn´t consider it a sport in the athetic sense and thats what sport would mean for me, I still think its quite enjoyable to watch and play too for that matter. The world championship is great entertainment and full of characters and is very exciting too watch.

you could also say the same about snooker, pool etc. too
I wouldn't consider darts a sport. I wouldn't even consider golf a sport. Heres what I think the definition of sport is. If there is no running involved, it ain't a sport.

Darts and billiards/pool are more like games and not like sports.
I agree with turkishgamer- any activity you can do whilst leisurely sipping a beer at you local pub is NOT a sport!!

Playing rugby nursing a schooner? Not possible. Throwing darts? Pretty much expected.

"The Rule of the Schooey" comes in very handy when determining games masquerading as sports. hahaha
TurkishGamer wrote:
If there is no running involved, it ain't a sport.

I wouldn't draw the line that far, is running any more a sport than cycling? Except i wouldn't call chess or darts a sport, because sports must have Athletes, and a chess-player is no athlete.
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