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Orhan Pamuk And Noble Prize Scam

Orhan Pamuk received his Nobel Prize for Literature and accepted the corresponding prize money. As a Turk I am very excited as this is a great honor for Turkey.

This prize was a big scam, a political setup, a Delphi plot well fused and well worked from the beginning to the end. This Nobel Prize given to Orhan Pamuk will be the first and last Nobel prize ever given to a Turkish citizen. It will never happen again.

Orhan Pamuk was born as a bank attorney's bored son who ended up in fiction writing after engaging in drawing and architecture. His family made a living from railway transactions during the golden years of the Republic of Turkey.

He attended the American Robert’s College, an elite high school in Istanbul. He lived in New York City-his spiritual home in his late twenties and produced ambitious works like The Silent House, Mr. Cevdet and His Sons, The Black Book and The White Castle.

He takes themes from the kabalistic tradition, makes frequent quotes from the Holy Quran, peppered with esoteric meanings. He considers himself and tries to convince others to consider himself as an artful mediator between the East and West par excellence with Umberto Ecco.

Now he lives there and teaches at Columbia University. Most people think his career has no noble cause. Like his bleak novels, he is a dark shadow hanging over our literary landscape. He is rich and powerful, so he is untouchable. Even Turkish jurisdiction initially acquitted him innocent.

The pro-western media supported him devoutly. He has incredible book sales with the back cover of his books filled with praises to boost his image.

Every Pamuk novel has earned top prizes and each has been translated into foreign languages.

I think the people at the Nobel Academy made a grave mistake on the timing of the award to Pamuk. They should have waited for a decade at least. Now people say “Aha! He insulted the Turkish identity and they awarded him with the Nobel Prize.”

His English is better than his Turkish. I won't be surprised if his next book is in English. Maybe he will be a contender for the Pulitzer Prize as well.

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