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Tour de france

Are there guys here who watch Tour de france ? well i do and i love it ! My favourite riders are Jan Ullrich and vinoukorov , but they cant beat Armstrong he is just a legend .. and after his dicease , 7 x de tour .. respect ! I hope vinoukorow|ulrich or Basso wins tour 2006 Wink The boss is gone
Oh man I watch it and love it I don't have favorites I just like winners(Armstrong the Best From the Rest) hehehe yea I watch it on OLN and it is great Very Happy
Armstrong is a legend!
This man is unstoppable. He has a will and guts to win a cancer and also to win 7 tours in an row!!!
This is a sportsman of century!!!!
I watched one of the Stages, I can't remember which one. Like on the final stretch the leader slipped up and there was a massive crash. I couldn't help laughing even though I felt bad for the poor guy.
my favorite was Lans Armstrong and it's sad that he went... we will see next year who will win the tour... i want vinokurov:)
In evening national tv news:
[b]Armstrong was on doping in race 1999!!! French sport journal L'Equipe wrote that frozen urin sample was positive at doping test!!!
Can you belive it? I think this is bullshit!

Why test urin sample from 1999 just now? Can test of 7 years old urin today be more realistic of test in 1999.?

After that career, unbelivable battle against cancer, seven Tours win in a row, how can enyone suspect in that great sportsman!!!

Armstrong say: "This is a witchhunt!"
Regardless of whether or not the allegations by L'Equipe are true, there is no legal way that they can take the Tour win away from Armstrong. I tend to think that to win 7 in a row he would have been tested many times and unless there is a gigantic cover-up or his drugs (if any) are invisible Laughing , he is probably clean.
All respect to every1 that rides on Tour de France. But my personal opinion is that Ullrich is nothing but a bitch. He is not a good person he is bitching all the time. I saw him live and If i could I'd kick his ass. Smile
I heard that Lance Armstrong wanted to go back to the Tour de France just to irritate the French people!
I am French, and i can tell you that french people doesn't like him at all!
Each year, it was the same, Armstrong winning!! Really irritating!!
I really hope he doesn't come back, i really like this sport and for 7 years, it was nothing more that the same story again and again!
If I was him, i will not come back, because he is nearly hated and it wouldn't be good for him to do it again!
Anyway, my favorite cyclist is Erik Zabel and Jan Ullrich, I hope Jan will win the next Tour de France.
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