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Do you know Cambodia?

Did you know Cambodia?
 86%  [ 20 ]
 13%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 23

Do you know Cambodia? How much do you know about it?

I am writing this post (including the poll) just as a survey to find out what is the percentage of the world population who know Cambodia (and to give you all brief information about what the country is well-known for). And I think that this is the best place to do so, for here there are all of you guys from almost all the corners of the world. So please kindly take a second to take part in the poll.

Cambodia is a Southeast Asian country, bordered with Thailand, Vietnam and Lao. It is famous for Angkor Wat, one of the world wonders and now chosen as one of the 21 finalist candidates on New 7 Wonders. The 1975-79 Khmer Rouge, a genocidal regime based on Maoism which turned the country into the so-called year zero, is also known to most part of the world; the issues about tribunal for the regime leaders has become a burning issue for the world media today.

Should you would like to learn more about Cambodia, do a search on the internet or follow this link: which should take you to Wikipedia's article about the country. Or else, let me know if I can be of help. If this is the case, just send me a private message, and I'll do my best to answer any inquiry. Smile Smile Smile
it's not far away from china, i learned about your country when i was 7 in school, however up to now,i know not much about it
I don't know much about Cambodia, other than the genocide that occurred there.
I do know where it is, and some of it's more recent history (last 40 years or so), but I must admit I don't know alot about the country.
Did read about in history for being one of those places with the ancient Buddhist structures and temples..

apart from that not much info on the country from my side...
I travelled in Cambodia early last year. I arrived from Laos to Thailand through Cambodia. I read alot about the recent history of Cambodia while I was there which was really disturbing and spoke to some people who had lived through some amazingly terrible things. I also met some of the most beautiful people in the world and saw some of the most gorgeous sights. We visited ancient ruins, saw fresh water dolphins, stayed on beautiful beaches... It is one of my favorite countries.
The people make it so....
I tell everybody to visit Cambodia because its an amazing expereince....
Yes, I know where it is situated, I know some of its history, I know... err... that it is=)))
And why do you ask?
Arseniy wrote:
Yes, I know where it is situated, I know some of its history, I know... err... that it is=)))
And why do you ask?

Can you say spam in your native language, because that is what your post was.
Yes, I know Cambodia.

I read Linda Crew's novel, Children of the River, which revolves around Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge.

I also met a few Cambodian delegates in an international peace summit held in my school, when I was 13. Smile

The film Tomb Raider has also contributed to Cambodia's fame, I think. Laughing

Anyway, I'd like to visit Cambodia someday.
I know some about Cambodia, mostly about the genocides that took place there while Pol Pot was in reign, essentially setting back the development of the country miserably by killing off pretty much the educated and the intelligent, creating a nation run by slave labor. I know where Cambodia is located geographically, and that it's a hotbed for human rights problems. Chinese businessmen work there from time to time, but run the risk of being lynched by mobs jealous of the profits they're making, which was a problem during the 1990s.
I didn't know much about it before but after reading some previous posts I know a little bit. Some people that stay in my complex are Cambodian but I'm not sure if they from there and I've really never got the chance to speak with them.
i only know of Cambodia as i have a few friends who come from there.
I didn't know much about it.. I just know it is at southern Asia near Vietnam. Recently I had seen the document of Ankor Wat(?). It's so amazing.
No, I don't know about Cambodia at all. Surprisingly. Thanks for the definition.
no dond,
I learned a little more about Cambodia last semester in school, when we watched a film about a guy who goes back to meet his father. Before that, all I knew was that Cambodia was a country in Asia, and that it was near Laos. The film about Cambodia was interesting enough, though; I was somewhat stunned by the way many people in Cambodia were living, and I was rather surprised at how you can build a new home in Cambodia for one thousand American dollars.

The information you posted was pretty neat; I didn't know about the Seven Wonders thing. =)
Well, heard about Cambodia, knew where it is and recognized the flag. Nothing else more than that.
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