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Ink jet printers and cartridges

I discovered yesterday something that really makes my blood boil. We all know that Ink jet printer manufacturers like to rip consumers off big time with the cost of consumables, hence the big market for compatible cartridges and refill kits.

It turns out that the new epson printer I've got (DX4000) the cartridges have a chip inside them which freezes the printer when a certain number of droplets from that cartridge have been used. What this means is that if you attempt to refill the cartridge with a kit it won't work because the chip still registers the cartridge as empty.

This is bad enough, however what it really bad is that apparently the cartridges freeze when they're still 1/2 full of ink and your forced to replace them, because then the printer won't work. For example, currently my cyan cartridge is 'empty' and I can't even print black and white or anything with the printer.

Not only is this blackmail but cartridges are enviro-unfriendly. Epson are complete and utter f***king b**stards there's no less way of saying this.

There are chip resetting kits apparently that will work for this model (none available yet in the UK) however if anyone knows a way to hack or trick the printer into continuing to print even with an 'empty' cartridge I would be most grateful for a post.
wow i thought they only do that on laser jets now they're doing that on inkjet wonderful
I know for laserjet you can buy replacement chips not sure for your inkjet but I do agree with you that's total BS what EPSON doing
I really wish stuff like that was illegal. It is simply morally wrong, especially with how much they charge for cartridges...
get SSC Service Utility
I had an epson with chipped cartriges and resetting devices are available in the UK.
Even so, Epson are the MAJOR SOB's when it comes to ripping off.
I now use HP the quality is better, there is more ink their larger cart's (although they are not cheap) so they last longer.
badai wrote:
get SSC Service Utility

thanks for the advice - this utility looks the deal - it doesnt support my model yet but will hopefully will soon.
That is jacked up. I am poor and i always use the cartridge until it is bone dry. I remember turning in papers that are redish brown because my black ink was almost out.
Some one told thats its cheaper to by new writter then cartridge. But it often exist copies like inkagain that often is sheeper then orignial epson. use to have the most cartridges
Ring Epson, and if they don't budge, ring Fair Trading.
If, Epson sold you 'x mL' of ink, then you have to be able to use it. Otherwise you've been extorted and mislead. That is illegal. It's not as if you're living in a backwater where they should be able to get away with it..!
They'll probably just replace your cartridge or something, but who would complain about free stuff?
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